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  1. Not what i meant but how do i fix models that show different models then what there supposed to be?
  2. The offset should work now but one last problem a LOT embraer should up as an Air france + some other aircraft showed up as different airline then what their supposed to be. How do i fix this?
  3. Fixed the forceful disconnect problems but still need help with the Model matching is there any tutorials on how to use model matching?
  4. Well Offset doesn't work but the Forcefully disconnects are happening this wasn't happening when i used P3D.
  5. Alright so at Warsaw it seems the offset is working but i need to check at other airports just to be sure.
  6. Sorry about not replying earlier i haven't gotten around to testing it but im gonna do a flight later today so i will try it then.
  7. 1: American Airlines 2: I have it but i dont know how to install them.
  8. It works! (Almost) 2 problems 1: AAL planes are shown as Austrian Airlines instead of American Airlines 2: How to i get planes to stick to the ground when taxing instead of floating above or being in the ground.
  9. Breaking news!! Model matching wont work its saying its not validating with X plane and the CSL is in the Custom Data folder. i use Bluebell CSL aswell witch i get only 1802 models any fixes?
  10. Update: So i think the plugin for swift may not be installing but i will check.
  11. Yes im saying this and the help page isnt really helpful. I need help mainly when connecting when i connect it doesent really work with X plane basically can connect but when i try and change Voice channels (An example is 122.800) i can hear conversation (Yes the ATC i connected to test at the time was online) Any fixes?
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