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  1. In new year, new ambitions, new heights, please join in this upcoming opportunity to join in this event with PIA Virtual.  All Pilots are Requested to book slots for this event, You are also strictly requested to use the routing given by Emirates vACC to avoid delays and conflict.  Book Your Slots : http://icrew.piavirtual.org/index.php/events/view/15  Route: VEREN J166 NITIV G214 PG T385 TAPDO A454 VUSET N571 MENSA N317 NOLSU
  2. Hello, I have recently applied in VATUSA as visitor Controller i need some help how do i convert the VRC sector file for Euroscope any help will be appreciated. Warm Regards
  3. Everyone First event with Falcon aviation we are having group flight on 14th June 2020.We will be departing from VABB (Mumbai) to OMDB (Dubai). Departure time we are expecting at 15:00z time Expecting bad weather as wind speed will be 60KMPH so it will be fun departure. Route : SAKUN V2 BIMOT V1 KARKU L301 RAGMA N571 VUSET A454 PASOV M564 PUXIL P574 IMPED A professional Pilot dont fly without charts so for charts visit following link : VABB Charts : https://aim-india.aai.aero/eaip-v2//25-05-2017/eAIP/EC-AD-2.1VABB-en-GB.pdf OMDB Charts : https://www.gcaa.gov.ae/aip/current/AIRACs/202
  4. Hi Mohammad i am one of vatsim members been on vatsim since 2018 its very easy all you have to do is copy correct CID and password make sure when copying only that letters should be there incase while copying if you like slightly increase it which may include space will not copy correct cid instead when pasting it will add like space thingy as well so better copy nicely letter if not then type manually :)
  5. The time has arrived to fly again another event The Shuttle Dubai-Hamad After many work and inactivity of events we finally decided to bring back the event first of all many thanks to Chriss Klosowski|ACCBH1 for organizing atc service.. On the Behalf of the GCC virtual & Bahrain vACC we are brining Short Shuttle event between Dubai and Hamad on vatsim on 22 Feb,2020 fly between 15:30z till 18z in this amazing event there will be full atc we expect make sure to carry some extra fuel holdings may be required it will be quite alot busy event book your slot https://hq.vatme.net/group/flig
  6. Yes but i use p3d just use A320 neo in xp11 for flying with vBAW thats causing issue
  7. Hello, I need some help i am running xplane 11 sadly with 18 fps and when i connect to vatsim it disconnects me is there is any client i can connect without any issue i understand about controllers and with 18fps your move with controllers is good but those having fps below 11 or 10 causes issue mostly for controllers that they are not moving like that if there is any other client kindly suggest or in future any updates for xPilot that people can connnect above 18 fps really need help only xp11 i have else i have p3d but i cant run a320 due to my pc cannot handle the Fslabs. Kind Regards
  8. Great Job Mark!Wishing you all Good Luck i am definitely going to fly my self in or out of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for sure
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