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  1. Once I disabled it, all 3 of the OpenGL testers worked.
  2. Although not the intent of the post, you may get your registered VATSIM name changed at https://support.vatsim.net/ by opening a ticket with the Membership department.
  3. Yep, I fly (and control) in Canada. You can log in as CGJAR as you should have no issues.
  4. The position has been filled! Thanks for all who applied.
  5. POSITION VACANCY: Winnipeg FIR WebmasterIf you have experience with the web, Winnipeg may be looking for someone like you!The Winnipeg FIR is currently seeking a webmaster. This job will mainly involve regular maintenance of the Winnipeg FIR website, as well as making upgrades when necessary. See further below for more details.POSITION: Winnipeg FIR WebmasterREPORTS TO: Winnipeg FIR Chief & Deputy FIR ChiefRESPONSIBLE FOR: Managing the Winnipeg FIR's Web Services, as well as (but not limited to) the following:- Implementing a new back and front-end structure for the Winnipeg website- Maint
  6. The Toronto and Winnipeg FIRs are proud to announce an event where you come fly for a Trip through the Sault! All starting at 6:00 PM EDT on March 21st (that’s 2200z for you UTC lovers). Fly in, out or around the Toronto and Winnipeg FIRs with guaranteed and professional ATC coverage! Keep in mind that this event happens after the time change! Event Airports: CYWG, CYYZ, CYQT, CYAM Recommended Routes: CYYZ to CYWG - AVSEP6 MUSIT SSM YQT GOVIT NORAK2 CYWG to CYYZ - RORMA SIDPO DEGVA FELTN OTNIK BOXUM5 (*SID WILL BE [Mod - Happy Thoughts]IGNED BY CLEARANCE DELIVERY*) Looking
  7. Hey, I've noticed that the golden mic for last year hasn't been posted yet. Usually it's posted in late January-early February. Is this still going to happen?
  8. Hey everyone, I was wondering how to pull a user's details with the Bl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]tSchaap SSO plugin. We've already got it working for logging in. Thanks,
  9. Hello. At Winnipeg, we are currently using vATIS as a trial tester for VATCAN. I've discovered the issue of vATIS not pushing the current ATIS letter to controllers. This is essential for information to fellow controllers. Thanks in advance.
  10. Is it possible to send a message over UNICOM such as "Toronto Tower logged online, 118.7" without broadcasting on your main frequency?
  11. I see from an old forum that on VRC, controller can monitor UNICOM. Is it a possibility to do that on Euroscope, it would really help especially on lower positions to know whats going on, even being able to broadcast on UNICOM.
  12. Yes, it appears that I totally forgot about that functionality of Euroscope, thanks for helping me out. I thought I was going crazy after redownloading Euroscope 3 times.
  13. http://prntscr.com/nrnb0t shows how my sector inbound is configured, compared to how it shows up(highlighted is what shows up in Euroscope) I have looked over setting directories and other factors that may have caused this
  14. On the latest beta. When I try to change the change the columns in the different lists (Sector Inbound, Sector Outbound, Departure, etc.) it will show up in the dialog, but will not pop up in the lists themselves.
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