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  1. I recently submitted a flight plan via the Simbrief page to Vatsim, and when I called to receive my IFR clearance,, it was not on file? I then went back to Simbrief and edit my flight and regenerated the flight plan. I then went to Vatsim to look at the flight plan and it was there. To make sure the ATC in fact did receive it I clicked the button (file Flt pln). I waited a few minutes then I contacted ATC and requested clearance request. ATC, came back and said that they didn't have a request on file. After trying several times, I then reload the simbrief and Vpilot software just to make, onc
  2. I have the same problem as above using Karken Razer ultimate gaming headsets. John Dunbar
  3. Thank you for your patients and time. John Dunbar
  4. I have the same problem along with another simmer. I hope that Vatsim would look into and see if they can fix the problem,\m.
  5. I am running the vpilot software as the administrator. The only other software is for surround sound which I just added .
  6. Sorry to hear that you have the same problem, I thought that it was only me with the problem, hopefully vatsim can fix this problem!
  7. I went into the sound control panel (playback) configured the Karken razer mic, levels were very good on test of the mic (green levels) I then started the simulator connected with vpilot, sent a text to ATL center that I would be doing a mic check they said OK. When I tried the mic check, ATL came back no carrier or quite. John
  8. When I select Kraken headset in the mic device settings, I am unable to test the volume control. I have switched gamming headsets and get the same issue. When I switch to cheap headset Mic (2 USB VoIP Device Vpilot works. I doesn't work when I plug in a gamming headset?
  9. Evan, Attached is the doc. Thanks in advance. John
  10. Here is the info requested, I hope this heplps.
  11. Prior to switching over to MS 2020 I used FSX for a very long time. I also used vpilot and was am familiar with how to setup the software when using FS and MS 2020 I am using Karken Ultimate headset that work very well with vpilot. When I switched over to MS 2020 and connected to vpilot, it asked to update to latest version which I did. I filled out the required info and selected my headset I noticed I was unable to test the volume on the slider. I repeated the steps with the same results. I went to Windows 10 and checked headset and it worked. Went back MS 2020 and selected fly and connec
  12. Not sure what your are referring too. when you mentioned had I downloaded the installer from the web site, or was vPilot updating itself? , I went to Vpilot site and downloaded from there.
  13. Went to vatsim site, vpilot software for P3D and MSFS 202 and FSx. Click on vpilot which took me to the vpilot site, clicked the download which took me to the latest update. Clicked on download and MS Defender showed error.
  14. I have tried to download the latest update to vPilot v2.6 each time I try MS defender blocks the download. When say I will keep it try to download with not look.
  15. I am using vPilot with FSX. When I tune in a airport frequency, I'm getting the auto generate ATIS from FSX and not the correct ATIS for vPilot. I can hear some other communications in the back ground, it is weak and drowned out by the FSX generated ATIS. When I contact the controller the all ask did I listen to the current ATIS.
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