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  1. It will be added back. We are working out some of the issues that are there right now 🙂
  2. Hi, We currently do not have a public API to "blindly" submit flight plans. You can (as you mentioned) bring the user to the pre-file window, and have them submit it. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi Ernesto, The Datafeed updates every 15 seconds. Rate limiting on VATSIM's end is very rare, and only done in circumstances where people have made an unreasonable amount of requests (say making 15 requests per second to the data feed which updates every 15 seconds). In your case I wouldn't imagine you need more than 4 requests per minute. Hope this answers your question.
  4. Hi Aleksa, The error tells you exactly what the issue is, there is an issue with the grant type you provided. We can't really help you further unless you are able to show some code. You want to look specifically at your request when you POST to /oauth/token. You need to provide "grant_type" as "authorization_code". More information can be found here: documentation/connect.md at master · vatsimnetwork/documentation (github.com)
  5. Hi Luke, There is a technical limitation that results in loss of ATIS data when there are too many connections (ATC/OBS/ATIS). Due to that limitation, we have removed the controller position field. This is not a limitation of the data server, but rather a restriction on how we get data from FSD. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop an email to [email protected] On a side note; apologies for the very late response.
  6. The API link appears to be working for me, any chance you can provide more information? The old service does need to go. The JSON feeds provide the same data, and for most users will be easier to implement. The old post does go on to say that we will keep the old feed for a while, but keep in mind that this was made while Aidan was still on the board, as the staff changes, priorities will change. The biggest changes between the JSON feed, and the text file is formatting, and what data is included. The v1 feed is a mirror of the text file, the v3 version of the JSON feed is
  7. Hi, As far as the connections go that you are getting from the API that data is provided by FSD, and you may see mixed results in the statistics center. Sometimes you will see a session be "split" where the client didn't logout, but sometimes it shows as 2 sessions. Perhaps someone with more info about that could shed some light on it. I'd recommend you trust the data being provided from the API. As I mentioned earlier the data that is being provided in the API is using the data provided by FSD. Stats is very old, and it's possible that there is a bug on the stats side. As far a
  8. Hello, I maintain the project called "VATSIM Sync" (https://vatsimsync.com), it does exactly what you are trying to do. Basically users can login using SSO (Connect soon hopefully), and login via Discord (they can also provide their TeamSpeak Unique IDs aswell, as I have a bot written for TeamSpeak). Discord Servers can invite the bot, and specify which roles are assigned to which users based on rating, then from there, the Bot will auto assign those roles, and upgrade/downgrade users aswell when their ratings change, I'm also working on including a rename function to allow the servers
  9. Hello, A little bit ago I wrote a Discord bot that would let you know when a controller logs into the network. The big part of this is filtering, you can specifically choose which callsigns get sent (by prefix). So if you wanted anytime a controller logs into the network using a callsign that starts with YYZ it will send a message in a Discord channel. So if it's set up for YYZ, if I log in as YYZ_DEL, or YYZ_APP it will send a message into a Discord channel. This is the same bot that was being used on the "Vatsim Public Community" Discord server. It's not perfect by far, but it do
  10. The only thing you can do right now for MAC is use Swift. The standalone client is only for Windows right now, I think I read a post yesterday or the day before that Swift released an Alpha (or Beta) version of native integration with AFV. I'm not sure if XSquawkbox will have native AFV integration or not, I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume so eventually but right now if you are on MAC you need to use Swift (afaik).
  11. Yeah, some people have been having that error, Ill see if I can put up a fix in the next update. Try clearing your cookies (i know...), and trying again. For some reason, it works for some people.
  12. Hello, The website is no longer available. Thanks for the interest!
  13. I don't believe Github has private messaging, but if you would like to send me an email, you send send it to [email protected]
  14. Hi, I made an update about a month ago (forgot to update it on this thread) which improves the speed of the API. It removes local caching which improves the speed, so it just reads the XML rather than downloading, and reading, which improves the speed considerably. https://github.com/JordannDev/VatsimMemberAPI/releases
  15. Hello, Version 1.3 of VatsimSync (for TeamSpeak) has been released. The new version adds default group support (a group that is added to VATSIM Controllers), fixes an issue with getting the CID from a TeamSpeak ID (API Related). Also added a update notifier, the bot will tell you when a new update is available including the version number, description, and download URL.
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