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  1. That‘s correct. An account will stay active as long as it is in regular use. I’m not sure how regular exactly, i.e how frequently you’d need to fly or control, but yes, as long you’re flying or controlling on the network every once in a while, your account won’t be inactive and thus won’t need reactivating. The reactivation procedure I mentioned above is only necessary if a user was inactive on the network for a comparatively long time. And if someone runs into it, it’s not meant to be a punishment or embarrassment of any sort but merely an easily reversible act of housekeeping.
  2. I haven't tried them myself, but supposedly the Alpha India Group models work with vPilot and P3Dv5.
  3. I'm sorry if the process of account inactivation upset you, but it's really only meant to be a bit of a housekeeping formality to keep the databases on the network servers from filling up. If an account isn't actively used for a while, its status is set to "inactive". It's still kept safe in the main user database but you can't use it to log into the active network servers. In order to do that, you need to reactivate it. That takes a few mouse clicks and a bit of waiting until the data has propagated to the other servers in the network – that's all. Lots of users (myself included) have
  4. The problem is that the Garmin trainer uses the same data as the actual Garmin unit for airplane use, i.e. real-world navdata. That data is much more expensive than Navigraph (even a single AIRAC will easily cost more than $100). Did you try the GTN 750 add-on for MSFS? It doesn't replicate the full functionality of the device, but it does model a lot of it, and it works with Navigraph data. (Which costs far less for a whole year than you would pay for a single data cycle of the Garmin Trainer.) The basic version is free, so you can easily give it a spin. As for controllers giving
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