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  1. Here are the infos i got in event viewer: Additionally, I could find something like this.. I'm not sure it's directly related to vatspy error, but this log is created when I ran Vatspy :
  2. 오류 있는 응용 프로그램 이름: VATSpy.exe, 버전:, 타임스탬프: 0x5fb5f886 오류 있는 모듈 이름: unknown, 버전:, 타임스탬프: 0x00000000 예외 코드: 0xc0000005 오류 오프셋: 0x00007ffdbcf9cec3 오류 있는 프로세스 ID: 0x3808 오류 있는 응용 프로그램 시작 시간: 0x01d6be8359d88d0e 오류 있는 응용 프로그램 경로: C:\Program Files (x86)\VATSpy\VATSpy.exe 오류 있는 모듈 경로: unknown 보고서 ID: b60549d7-2d8a-4922-bb71-611e55a3f203 오류 있는 패키지 전체 이름: 오류 있는 패키지에 상대적인 응용 프로그램 ID: Here it is! (some of the message is written in Korean because of my system language..)
  3. Thank you for new version. Unfortunately, it is still not working, and i couldn't find anything related to Line numbers.
  4. Hi, just tried beta2, and event viewer is showing exactly same message with this
  5. Hi, I just downloaded and installed new VatSpy beta version, (1.1.0B1) and since then vatspy is not working. The program does not open without showing me any error message. I tried to delete and re-install vatspy several times, but didn't work. and through an event viewer on Windows, I found two errors from vatspy... the application error and .net runtime error. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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