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  1. Hi Ken I will check it out, thanks for the reply! I have had a couple of people recommend SkyVector what do you think of that? I really just want to be as streamlined as possible not just for myself but for the ease of the controllers I feel more nervous here than RL as I want to make sure I'm getting it right for how it's done on Vatsim haha But thanks a lot for replying!
  2. Hey guys, I have been flying for many many years both online and in RL but I am looking to return to online community flying and making all these sim hours feel like they are worth it by flying with a VA! As its 2019 and a lot is outdated I thought I would throw something up here! Basically all I would love to know is exactly where should I head to for Flight planning software that is free or online etc so I have something workable that fsx, PMDG 73NGX myself and Vatsim controllers will all understand without me having to plan lots and lots I like nice simple departures and arrivals a
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