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  1. Hi guys, I want to create an Arduino project which reads data from EuroScope and creates respective flight strips. Is there any way I can read from the proxy that vpilot reads or would I have to use the plugin system?
  2. Hi, my name is Adam and I am a front end web developer from Sydney, Australia. I'm available about 2 hours a day to develop and manage any websites in need. Please reply if you're interested and I could provide you with more details or even undergo an interview process. Sorry for the brief application, contact me for more info. - Adam Holder, 1435734
  3. Hello everyone! I am having an issue with requesting an SSO token in PHP.The line is as follows: $token = $SSO->requestToken($sso_return, false, false); . I am fairly certain that the SSO object is constructed with the correct credentials.
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