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  1. Take control of your Swift UI with a custom theme with this theme generator, or download themes made by other users with the theme repository! Now with a live preview feature to show what your theme will look like as you create it. *Note - all generated themes are saved in the repository, if the theme is broken, you can delete immediately upon creation, or report as broken in the repository. *Remember that all themes will need to be reinstalled when updating swift. *This tool and I are not affiliated with Swift-Project https://www.fsenthusiast.net/swift/index.php
  2. swift's model matching is defaulted to search for airplane type first, and if there's no livery match for that specific airplane type, it'll use another, I've switched it to search for livery first, then airplane type.. To do this, you can go to Swift GUI, then go to the settings page and select the "matching" button... then on the "Reduction" tab, check the box for "by ICAO: airline first" and also check the livery box below that, save and restart swift. May need a restart of the xplane too, but not sure.
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