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  1. bummer.. wishlist for unlikely future updates🤞
  2. @Ross Carlson It's easy to pipe live ADS-B Data into VRC with https://github.com/Sequal32/vrclivetraffic by adding another line for localhost in the "myservers" text file we all create for VRC. However since vSTARS has it's server list "automatically downloaded", I can't find a way to accomplish this with vSTARS. I have tried messing around with the vSTARS proxy server but I am thinking that is only a one way data stream out of the program and unable to accept data into it because I could not get it to work. Is there a way to accomplish this? Add my own localhost server to the list or so
  3. I have also used this to successfully connect my ADSB feeder to ES, however, I am having a problem where the Aircraft are displayed many miles away from my location and sector file in New York. all the positions are good in the data on adsbhub and virtual radar server but when the data is fed into SBStoFSDProxy, all the locations with any negative latitude and/or longitude are missing, so it seems only coordinates from the one + + quadrant of earth are displayed... maybe SBStoFSDproxy error or am i doing something wrong? Thanks
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