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  1. Prayers answered, thanks Ross!
  2. Yeah I did. Only affects the .acinfo command. Can't find any file affecting the data blocks / ASDE-X colors.
  3. Got an update on this by chance? Thanks
  4. I know it's been said there's no intent to update vSTARS at the moment but to add to the list of things to maybe one day do... I've looked through all the vSTARS files and couldn't find anything, so it seems heavy aircraft type codes are hard-coded. So, would be nice to have those updated. Noticed this after seeing the A359 recently. Also, much more of a wishlist feature lol but it'd be so cool to have RECAT types defined in the facility file, and then displayed on the DBs.
  5. Is Audio for VATSIM integration (I.e. stand-alone client not needed) being worked on for vSTARS at the moment? Standalone client works fine but it'd be nice to have it all-in-one. Based on what VATSIM said around AFV launch it's my understanding this is the eventual goal for the ATC clients. Thanks
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