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  1. Any updates on this issue? We're beta testing the new site now, and hope to release it to production later this week. However I want to make sure the controller hour query is 100% correct before we release the new site. Thanks.
  2. The above mentioned user controlled OKC_TWR again late last night, and reports seeing traffic. That session IS being reported by https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1366052/atcsessions. I think there may be a bug in the API code that excludes atc sessions that have 0 aircraftseen, possibly???
  3. Here's another one that caught my attention. This controller logged 1 hour and 23 minutes on Nov 1st at OKC_TWR. Our current site got the correct data by way of aggregating data from http://data.vatsim.net/vatsim-data.txt. This controlling session can be confirmed via VATSIM Statistics Center for that user (https://stats.vatsim.net/conn_details.php?id=1366052&datecode=202011). However, when the new website (development still in progress) pulls controller sessions form the API, that Nov 1st session is not listed. https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1366052/atcsessions Again, there is n
  4. I've started testing the use of the VATSIM atcsessions API call on our website to replace us querying for vatsim-data.txt and parsing/aggregating the data ourselves. I'm loving the simplicity of the new API. One things I'm seeing is a slight difference it total controller hours per month when comparing the API totals to VATSIM Stats Center totals. I'm find that a few of the sessions listed in stats center are not included in the API results. For example, when I query the API for CID 1496314, I am not seeing sessions starting on 10/10/2020 3:10 or 10/10/2020 3:30, amongst a few others,
  5. The new data files contain parsing errors in the ATIS message text that our website is choking on. It appears to be related to line breaks (\n) in the message text. We are retrieving the TXT version, where the errors are. I looked at the new JSON format and it appears the text is p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]d correctly, however it's missing a very important piece that our command scripts use for determining total time online, login_time. Please advise. Thanks, Kurt
  6. No, I'm not seeing the ATIS text in VAT-Spy as of 2019-11-02 04:00Z.
  7. I've been asked this question numerous times while controlling, and I don't really have an answer, so I'm asking here. I noticed since the AFV update that D-ATIS (text version of ATIS as seen in VAT-Spy, etc.) is not populated. Is this an issue with the VATSIM network, or with the vATIS app itself, or a purposeful "feature" of the new AFV network? Are there plans to re-implement D-ATIS as it was prior to the AFV update?
  8. Last night I ran into an issue with the USA-West server being full (restricted to 200 connections at the time) so I needed to connect vATIS to a different server. I could not for the life of me figure out how to get back to the user/p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]/server settings within vATIS to change the server and log back in. I recall vATIS displaying a pop-up when I clicked connect the first time, but since then clicking Connect just logs me straight in. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume it's just using last known values there. How do I change the connection settings after the first login?
  9. Update. I found a link to VRC v1.2.5 and that solved all my problems. VATUSA training slides point to v1.2.4 of the app, so that may need to be updated sooner than later. I also discovered that Windows 10 does not like you putting files (sector files, servers.txt, etc.) in the /Program Files (x86)/VRC folder, placing them in the /Docomeents/VRC folder is preferred. I still have the VRC folder listed as an exclusion in both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender, as well as Windows Firewall is set to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] all data for VRC on my private network, so the combination of those
  10. I was able to create a servers.txt file on my desktop and cut/past it into the VRC folder. I still get the errors mentioned, but from what I'm reading that's OK. Thanks for the reply above.
  11. I found another post that talked about adding a server.txt file and pasting a list of server IP address into it. the Program Files (x86)/VRC folder is listed as read-only and I cannot add a file to it. Odd. I'll look into that issue now. I installed the program using Run As Admin as instructed, I wonder if that may be related? I'll update when I figure this out.
  12. Bump. I installed VRC v1.2.4 yesterday and I get the same Version check failed error, as well as a Could noit retrieve server list from network message pop-up when I first launch the app after selecting a session profile. I have added VRC to the exclusions list in both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I have also verified that Windows Firewall is allowing access both on public and private networks. Does any have a fix to these errors? Thank you.
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