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  1. Hello, from my experience it should work when pressing "test url". Then it does the initial "pling" and will update from there on (if the automatic url update is active).
  2. Well apparently that still hasn't worked, but today there was a new beta released of Ative Sky, which should fix those crashes. So it should be worth to download that beta, it isn't in their "update messages" feed yet.
  3. Good news! (Maybe?) I did a complete reinstall of ActiveSky and I noticed that in the plugins folder there was a folder named "ASXP" and "ASXPConnect". Prior to the reinstall I deleted both folders and after reinstall only "ASXPConnect" is there. So my guess would be that this got changed in an update of AS and not deleted, possibly loading the "wrong" plugin if it is old data. At the moment it works splendid! I am able to connect to the still a little bit busy EDDF, can see all planes, weather works and TCAS works as well. So concluding it might be worth a shot to find out if t
  4. For myself I can confirm that it is definetly the combination of xPilot and ActiveSky which crashes X-Plane, for whatever reason. I tried the follow scenarios: - everything as per normal, activated TCAS, AS (ActiveSky) active => Sim crashes as soon as I try to connect to Vatsim - TCAS deactivated, AS active => connecting doesn't crash the sim anymore - TCAS activated, AS not active => everything works just fine - TCAS activated, activating AS after connecting to Vatsim => sim crashes immediatly when ticking the box to load the plugin I will try if not
  5. My guess would be that xPilot might try to load or do something it shouldn't related to a specific case one other user has. I did a flight yesterday from ESSA to EDDM and apart from the behaviour my plane showed sometimes everything went great. Today (more specifically about half an hour ago) I tried to fly from LOWW to EIDW and somewhere over Germany xPilot crashed X-Plane and since then I wasn't able to be logged on to Vatsim for longer than 15 seconds before it crashed X-Plane. I could track it down precisely that it would only crash after connecting to Vatsim. So maybe there is a
  6. So some time has p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed and I'm afraid the issue still is not gone and cannot be reproduced, annoyingly. I made a complete wipe of my Euroscope installation, even going through registry and cleaning everything out. Some days ago I had the situation where I couldn't hear 2 of 13 or so pilots but apparently they could hear me. Everyone else could talk to me just fine. Today I had a sweatbox session and I could hear everything but I couldn't be heard. Everything shows up as normal for me, so icon for transmitting is on. It seems that when the whole connection drops out occas
  7. Hello, I deactivated all the things as you suggested, got kicked out literally 5 seconds after a transmission without noting it (well luckily another ATC noted it and he told me). This was about 40 minutes into a session with regular talking. Afterwards it worked for 2 hours or so until I logged off, even with longer silences. I will reinstall Euroscope and wipe everything from Euroscope from my system and will try a completly new install. If that doesn't work either, well I don't know.
  8. Apparently I'm still alone? Today I noticed that even the ATIS connection gets lost. So every connection is affected apparently. I looked into windows firewall settings (again), found nothing. Port forwarding is now set to ipv4 and ipv6, nothing changed.
  9. Hi Nestor, thank you for your response. I checked that and it uses Port 3292 for me. So it should forward correctly (at least port forwarding works for a lot of other programs and ports too, so I would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that this is not an issue).
  10. Hello, since I have this problem for some time now and it is really annoying, maybe someone here can help me. I experience random disconnections of my voice channel in Euroscope (3.2a20 and 19), so noone hears me, I don't hear anyone and voice list doesn't update. When disabling the voice channel and enabling it again, it updates everything and works again. I've tried so far: - a lot of googling - switching voice servers - forwarding ports (3782 UDP, TCP, 3290-3293 UDP) - updating Euroscope from 3.2a19 to 3.2a20 - entering a lot of whitelisting in antivir (avast) and windows fire
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