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  1. Something that was mentioned in the VATUK discussions, was that, for most of the last 12 months, we have been dealing with higher traffic loads than we've ever seen for regular events, due to COVID, and perhaps this has helped controllers deal with the workload that has been required to deal with CTP. This isn't to say that there won't be learning points from the event, I'm sure there will be many things that come to light from the feedback that gets received. I've said already, that the workload for Oceanic was the limiting factor, although, I've seen comments from within the VATUK
  2. I posted this on the VATUK Discord, but, I'll post this here as well. One for all those involved in controlling today. Today was my first CTP as a controller, and, despite the uncertainty I felt coming into it, I enjoyed it. From the briefings that have been held through the past few days to familiarise those unsure of things with procedures, to the general atmosphere within the coordination rooms, everything has been great. I know those at the top end will have been under a great deal of pressure, but, I feel it was working well. I started the day on a non event airfield in th
  3. Normally, when I'm controlling (at the moment, Manchester, Gatwick, or Edinburgh), I stay online for a couple of hours. When I eventually get to S2 level, and can do tower stuff, thats when you may see towers in some areas of the UK manned for 8 hours or so. The bigger airports on the network have more regular control, as do the bigger 'areas', but, that doesn't do those of us who want to fly elsewhere any good.
  4. The quick way around it I've found, is to shut down Voicemeeter completely, start vPilot/xPilot or AFV and set the output to what Voicemeeter output/input you want it on, then restart Voicemeeter. Its a bit of a faf, but, its the best way I've found so far.
  5. Igor, I was Glasgow Ground when you came in. Thanks for flying in, and actually having a good experience.
  6. Had him come on when I was on Newcastle ground last week, was a pleasure to deal with and he was more than happy to put up with a couple of minute delay whilst I worked with a couple of other controllers to get him out properly. I love this sort of stuff, and it just shows that Flightsimming can be all inclusive.
  7. As someone who has done a couple of Atlantic transits within the sim, I took part, however, I was before the initial rush. Got my clearance sorted, and went across on the NAT, however, the sheer amount of traffic on the network just made it impossible to broadcast your own position report, and I believe that some controllers were handling a couple of tracks each, so, the traffic would have been quite phenomenal at times. The ability to fill in the form on the website, and submit your position that way was fantastic, and, I'd love it if there was some way in which the network could ackn
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