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  1. SRM (Srilanka & Maldives) vACC Proud to present you Colombo Night Breeze, Every Friday from 1330Z to 1630Z with Top to Down ATC coverage. 24th July 2020 VCBI (Bandaranaike International Airport) Charts: VCBI
  2. hi @Deon Mathews we need to do a small correction in the route :DUDAL VEVET P570 PKU R469 ASUNA thank you
  3. VATSIM SRM (Srilanka & Maldives) in collaboration with Singapore vACC is proud to present "Ayubowan Singapore" Join us on 1st August (Saturday), and depart from Colombo (VCBI) Between 0630Z and 0830Z with complete ATC coverage on Departure, and arrive into Singapore (WSSS) with ATC starting 0930Z till 1130Z. Route: DUDAL VEVET P570 PKU R469 ASUNA Charts: VCBI Charts | WSSS Charts Scenery: VCBI: Freeware P3D V4 | Payware FSX/P3D | Freeware XP11 | Payware XP11 WSSS: Freeware FSX/P3D | Payware P3D | Freeware XP11 Fly in this glorious event and enjoy ATC along the way. See you on the radar scopes!
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