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  1. Everything works. for tips from Andreas Fuchs, I did a unicom test but no one answered. now I've connected to the tower and it's great. 5/5. thank you Andreas Fuchs and Nestor Perez for your help and time. greetings
  2. Thank you for trying to help me. I did as you asked. by pressing PTT, the microphone does not work. only "tx" is lit. https://imgur.com/a/w1UK7If
  3. just like on the first acreenschot, if i set unicom only on radio1, the microphone does not work.
  4. Hello. it is hard for me to describe the problem exactly so I put some pictures with a short description of what is going on 1 At first setting the microphone does not work. https://imgur.com/a/xVr3gUi 2 the microphone works, I hear control, I hear myself very strongly and clearly, which prevents conversation https://imgur.com/a/bQ4tZU2 3 works the same as number 2 https://imgur.com/a/HJmkU46 4 like the previous one, it works and I hear myself very strong https://imgur.com/a/cg3rGU8 I really tried to fix the problem for a long time but I have no more ideas. can you help me
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