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  1. I normally put myself at my preferred stand, go to outside view and then connect to the network. After I am connected I usually wait for 10-20 seconds in outside view to see that the traffic is popping up. Having a nice look around and also confirming that no one has spawned at the same stand as me. This is done before I start with anything preflight related. Helps avoiding potential conflicts
  2. Nice to get it confirmed, thanks again Ross! Will double check things on my end again. Cheers.
  3. Thanks Ross. Later last night it seemed to be working again, as I did a short flight online and it updated normally without error. But the "new server IP address", is that something we should change manually or is it done automatically? Pardon the noob question... Cheers.
  4. I also got the "Data is outdated" message. (And now Vatspy won't even open.. Very strange.) EDIT: it opens now after a PC reboot, but still get the "outdated data". I'm sure I must have missed something as I can't recall anything about a new ip address.
  5. Hello guys and gals! I just wanted to give my two cents on the new Audio For Vatsim. My experience flying online is limited to the rookie level... But since it has been released, I have made more flights on Vatsim than I have ever done. The change from getting nervous when just planning and setting up a flight, to actively looking for staffed airports is something I never thought would happen. You should see my PTT finger before this... Knowing that every radio transmit is clear and almost impossible to misunderstand, turned the whole game for me. Now I really enjoy flying onlin
  6. Hi Simon. Thank you for replying I have Navigraph with their Jeppesen format, and they are indeed the 10-1 pages. Then I will just have a read through those pages, and use that as a base if no other info is available. Thanks again. Cheers.
  7. Hello all. As I am still relatively new on Vatsim and the online flying part, I have run into some snags.... The other day I did a flight from EHAM to EIDW. Before the flight I tried to find the pilot briefing for EIDW by going to their vACC site, but I was not able to locate it. I really want to do the procedures correct the first time, to avoid creating trouble for contollers and other pilots. I have also searched other vACC's for a pilot briefing without finding it, so it's not just EIDW. Is there a place where these briefings usually reside, or do some vACC's simply n
  8. Hi Peter. So much great advice here! One other thing that helped me with learning to understand what is said online, is youtube. Search for "High pressure aviation" I think it was. A lot of cockpit landing and takeoff videos from all around the world, good training for understanding different accents! And of course the phraseology Cheers, Orjan.
  9. I am SO looking forward to this! It sounded unbelievably clear and crisp in the video! To be able to have that quality soon..... A huge thank you to all the people involved, you deserve a medal for this!
  10. I know you are, and I have had the pleasure to get both patience and help from controllers. That's partly why I always make contact on ground, if there is someone online. When entering a controlled sector I also make contact, but sometimes they beat me to it.. I actually did a lot of reading on the pilot resource page, before even thinking of connecting. But it never hurts to brush up on that info, thanks for reminding me! Glad to share Andrew! I have only met friendly controllers, and it is really encouraging me to keep at it and keep learning. People sure are missing out, if t
  11. As a fairly new pilot on Vatsim, my online flights could be counted on one hand I think... I still get a little startled when I receive the private message from a controller, asking me "please contact me on xxx.xx". But that's because I'm new & nervous How that can be intrusive I don't know, never felt it like that. And personally, that's why I connect in the first place. To interact with ATC. To each their own I guess, but I really appreciate it if a controller can be "bothered" to contact me; being on the ground before/while taxing, or when airborne. That's the only way
  12. Hello Phil. I'm no expert, but I'll give it a go The BRI1A STAR ends at the "BRI" NDB. If you look at the ILS27 chart, from the BRI you make a teardrop left around to line up and capture the ILS for the approach. As for the RNAV, I would guess you'd get vectored to the Initial Approach Fix BAXUN and resume own navigation from there. Hope it helped
  13. To be totally honest, I am not sure if they actually enforces it... I have just always set the time that is in their schedule, for my own little joy of replicating realism... For me it's enhancing, but that's just me.
  14. Great advice guys, much appreciated! A good thing to remember the sequencing and ETA's, I didn't think about that.... Will leave ActiveSky on RealTime, I have it set to "Vatsim-Weather" if that was the term. If I ever dare to participate in CTP, I won't bother with the VA acars… Messing up the ETA's and things doesn't impress much Thanks a lot for the help gent's, question answered Cheers, Orjan.
  15. Hi all. Back with another question, if this is answered/stated somewhere I apologize. I am a member of a VA, and if I want to fly online, but also record the flight in my VA: For example, I would have to set the sim-time to 11.30z to get prepped for a departure at 12.00z. Does it matter if I connect to Vatsim at 18.30z real time, while the sim-time and ActiveSky is at 11.30z? The weather could have an effect, to some extent... A bit clumsy way of explaining it, but I hope you know what I mean Cheers, Orjan.
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