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  1. I am new to vatsim and would like to know if tower can give ground clearance (when none is available) or whether i should just start my engines and check atis then contact tower for taxiways? Thanks in advance KCR
  2. Thanks for the link Kenneth, I have had 2 flights now and used the private chat to explain my circomestances - so far every one has been very accommodating. Gradually building up my confidence. Cheers, Keith
  3. Thanks Bob, I managed to have my first vatsim flight out of Sydney. The controller was very helpful which made a big difference. Does VPilot have an option to print / save private messages? Their was lots of information on it which i would like to keep to absorb. Regards, Keith
  4. Hi, I am partially deaf and have loged in as an observer but cannot make out any of the conversations. Would it be ok to just use the command line. Also, would it be possible for someone in atc ground / tower talk me through my first attempt? Thanks, Keith
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