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  1. I had no slot... and I wondered why. I was the lucky one that just came out of Toronto one minute before the event started. (That was my plan so that I don't block anyone with a slot) because of the amount of tracks, it was totally quiet over the whole route. It was also possible for us to fly higher then FL290... don't know who came up with that idea, having a seperate track where only 10 planes are flying on and then putting them all on FL290 ??? On the view of many people I think it would have been possible to supply at least double the amount of slots. The work is done anyway.
  2. I take ANY slot time for LOWW-CYYZ Time does not matter! Contact me: [email protected] Thanks! Paul-Frederic
  3. Hi there, I'm searching for any slot time for LOWW-CYYZ . If you have one please contact me: Discord: PaulNRed (GER)#9937 E-Mail: [email protected] Or in the Vatsim Forum (Germany) Thanks! Paul-Frederic
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