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  1. I have CSL models installed on xPilot, but the model matching seems to be very hit or miss with its accuracy. Sometimes there will be a united a320 ahead of me, something I verify through the comms on frequency, and it will display as something completely wrong, such as an Air Asia a320. Is there any fix to this? Thanks in advance !
  2. I guess there was a lot of people trying to log in at once. It is working for me now.
  3. I'm trying to login into natTRAK tonight before CTP to make sure everything works, however I notice that when I try to login and put my details I get the error "Returned Token Does Not Match" Is this normal? Thanks.
  4. That sounds all good - except I didn't get a slot time, I was planning on departing and arriving on non-event airports because of this, so I'm not gonna get a route in my email. Should I just expect a briefing sooner than later with their new NAT tracks? Thanks.
  5. How are the clearances gonna work this year when there seems to be only two NAT tracks in use in the real world due to COVID-19? Either I'm seeing it wrong but when I go on skyvector I can only see NATA and NATZ. Most of us either use Simbrief or PFPX I imagine where they give us real world routes. How is it gonna work when there is gonna be a record number of planes on this CTP event? If I'm viewing it wrong, someone fill me in please, thanks.
  6. Deleting the plugins fixed my issue. I had been running the latest .NET framework when I was getting the issue.
  7. I think I figured out a fix. You probably have other Vatsim Client plugins installed, whether it be XSquakbox or xSwiftbus. If you do, disable them in the plugins list on X-Plane 11. I also disabled xPilot in that list too. I tried launching xPilot after that and it worked, and I re-enabled xPilot in the plugins list. I connected to Vatsim with no issues. Hopefully this fixes anyone else's issue, and if not make sure you have the latest .NET framework from Microsoft.
  8. With a bit of tinkering, I found a solution. When I ran the client for FLAI, I set the folder to a new folder titled 'FLAI" on my HDD. I noticed on vPilot that it wasn't reading any of the planes in this folder. By reading the manual provided with the manual installation, I realized that I needed to set the install directory on the client to my main P3D folder. After I did this, there were now FLAI models in the "SimObjects" folder in the main root of P3D. I went onto vPilot and went to "settings -> hit the plus button where it says model matching -> and then in advanced I unchecked
  9. I had a problem where all of the traffic were white A321s, and I fixed that (partially) Now I have an issue where there are different types of planes (B737s, MD80s, A330s,) but they don't have any liveries, as in the plane, just appears white. I am using FLAI, and it says that it includes over 2000 liveries, so why is it not showing up? I used the installer to install the liveries and I configured vPilot to read the ruleset. Once again, is there anything major or obvious I'm missing? Any help would be m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ively appreciated. Thanks.
  10. With a bit of research, I fixed the problem. I went to the readme that was on the website, and followed the instructions about the ruleset. Thanks for your help Norman!
  11. Excuse for my ignorance, but where can I find this readme? I don't remember seeing one when downloading the installer.
  12. I installed FLAI throught the installer and on the updater it says im up to date. When I first launched P3D with it installed, I selected enable when it asked about FLAI. FLAI shows up as enabled in the "add-ons" screen in P3D. Yet on my first flights on Vatsim, all the AI traffic still appear as blank A321s. I use vPilot, is there an additional setting I need to configure or is there something obvious I'm missing? Thank you in advance for the help.
  13. I apologize for my ignorance, but it seemed as I just didnt change my callsign when initially connecting.
  14. So I'm new to Vatsim, and in my first 3 flights I was able to complete it and then start a new flight with a new callsign. However lately I have been starting new flights and the callsign constantly stays the same "AAL2382". I file a comepletly new flight plan on vatsim but it doesn't change. For example I wanted to fly as SWA1454, however I show up as AAL2382. I have only used xplane and xsqwuak box, any thoughts?
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