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  1. COC, legalities and technicalities aside, I think the gist of it is that VATSIM is about simulating ATC and flight, not a tow truck or ground logistics simulation, and a line has to be drawn somewhere. There's a bit of a gray area somewhere between "pushing back from a gate" and "driving a catering truck around the airport"; as far as I'm concerned, what matters is the spirit of the rules rather than the letter. So I'd say towing an aircraft farther than a normal pushback out of the gate is OK, as long as it serves the operational purposes of an actual flight, within reason, and within pl
  2. My $0.02 on mic fright: yes, it is real, but 90% of it go away after the first few transmissions you make. The good news is that your first few calls are going to be very predictable, and once you've made it to the taxi clearance, the worst is over and you'll just roll along.
  3. It's OK to be disappointed - someone said there would be coverage, and that didn't happen. It's the wording, and the lack of empathy, that icks me. By all means, be disappointed, and express your disappointment, but keep in mind who runs these events, and what they receive for it in return. It's like inviting all your friends to a party, but then the caterer messes up and you end up ordering pizza instead, and your friends all go "I'm very upset about this party, you promised a shrimp buffet, but all I got was pizza, despite the text on the invitation you sent me. This is the second time
  4. Personally, I find it quite disgusting to see people take free stuff for granted like this. Someone has put dozens of hours of unpaid labor into a thing they love, and they invited others to join and enjoy the fruits of that labor for free, no strings attached; then something doesn't go as planned, and some of those who were invited send emails like this one. That's just... idk... it's like walking into a store that offers free samples, but they ran out and so you throw a fit and demand to "speak to the manager".
  5. Indeed; ATC population lags significantly behind pilot population due to stricter training requirements - you can become a VATSIM pilot in 30 minutes, but controlling takes more training. We'll also have to wait and see how many of those new members will actually stick around - it could very well be that, even with an ongoing pandemic, we're back to much lower active pilot counts within a couple weeks. Time will tell.
  6. That is correct; the bluebell models are for your own viewing pleasure, and shouldn't affect how your own model is transmitted on the network. The latter is configured like here; I presume you have done this correctly (i.e., selected "B738"). Note specifically that what matters is the type you enter when connecting: the one in your flight plan is what ATC gets to see when they look at your flight strip, but when other sims render your aircraft, the one you connected with is the one they will use. Online maps such as SimAware or vau.aero may pick up the one from the flight plan though (which ex
  7. IME, the VATSIM policy to "accommodate if at all possible" is usually adhered to rather religiously, and I have yet to hear a controller say "VFR is not accepted". You will probably get vectored heavily, and you may need to fly a lot of orbits and get a very short final on a short notice, and experience long delays in general, but IME controllers will do their best to get you down between the tubeliners. I saw some brave soul bringing a Bonanza to Gatwick Midweek Madness once, and while they were kept at an intersection holding point for 45 minutes, they did get them out eventually, and while
  8. You can still request vectors to final and tune the ILS freq manually, no?
  9. Use the callsign they are listed as in your pilot client, vatspy, or whatever you use to find active stations. Though you won't be scalded for addressing center as "ground" or "delivery", they'll just quietly correct you by responding with their correct callsign explicitly.
  10. It is very common for ATC to change SIDs in Europe, to the point where, in most places, you aren't even supposed to file a SID, but rather just put your first enroute fix, and ATC will then assign you a SID. This is because most European SIDs are runway-specific, so in order to determine the correct SID, you need to know what the active runway is, which you often don't when you file. Some airports also have separate sets of SIDs depending on traffic flow, which in turn may depend on day of week or time of day (for noise abatement reasons), or active runways at nearby airports. The SID will be
  11. I might actually do that, thanks for the hint.
  12. My approach is that I won't file a flightplan when connecting as observer: being in observer mode already means "I'm just observing, please ignore me"; whether I will be flying or not is completely irrelevant, because as long as I'm an observer, it is 100% clear that no interaction is required or intended. When I want to spectate while being visible on the network, for whatever reason (which is extremely rare), then I WILL file a flight plan, because the expectation is that when you spawn at a gate, you will at some point file a flight plan and fly, and having a flight plan that says "EHA
  13. IMO, changing routes after the fact is enough of an integral part of normal operations that it's a reasonable demand. And besides, if you can't comply, then you can file "no SID/STAR" and request vectors. This is a bit unusual for airliners, and you may experience some delays if things are busy, but it's perfectly fine as far as rules go. In fact, an FMS isn't mandatory at all; what *is* mandatory is being able to fly according to your flight plan - ATC doesn't care *how* you do it, as long as you do it. I have, in fact, flown published (non-RNAV) procedures in a steam-gauge DHC6, do
  14. Well, I, for one, am holding back on diving into Hoppie support for the Flightgear E-Jet I maintain; it's all unpaid open-source work, and I'm unwilling to sink a lot of time into a project that might be obsolete a few months from now. If those "background efforts" were happening in a more visible way, I could make more informed decisions, and maybe even add Hoppie support now, but design it such that a switch to a different backend would be easy (if not trivial) - but knowing nothing at all means it's better to wait and see.
  15. So AFAIU, the situation is that the Hoppie system is the closest to a working system that we have, and probably the one that enjoys the most adoption. But it has a couple of intrinsic problems: It is a third-party effort, not linked to or affiliated with VATSIM in any way, and this means that there is no proper coordination. The Hoppie system isn't exclusive to VATSIM, or even linked to the VATSIM network in any way; Hoppie traffic from other networks, or even people using ad-hoc connections between their sims, cannot be distinguished from Hoppie traffic intended for the VATSIM net
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