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  1. Don't know if the vatstats.net folks are reading this, but... OpenStreetMaps is a thing, tile data is available for free, and using it through e.g. leaflet.js isn't rocket science.
  2. From what I've seen, FS2020 looks like it aims to be a realistic simulator to at least the same degree as FSX; yes, it probably also appeals to "gamers", but as long as it can provide the realism that is needed for something like vatsim, I don't think there is a serious risk. We kick people for doing grossly unrealistic things no matter the sim, I don't think this will be any different with yet another simulator on the network.
  3. This VATSIM map is a starting point. You can also use software like VATspy.
  4. It helps if you are the one to initiate contact, then you get to tell them the right callsign straight off the bat. I have yet to see a controller responding to an initial contact call with the wrong callsign like that.
  5. Also, check the remarks for those ATC stations if online - often, controllers will explicitly list airports for which they are willing to provide top-down coverage.
  6. Yeah, so basically, be a nice citizen, don't get into anyone's way, stay responsive, and you'll probably be tolerated doing this; and when you're asked to disconnect, do so and don't throw a fit.
  7. Case in point; the VATSIM network and its clients are clearly designed to reflect the current state of the aviation world, and while there aren't any rules that forbid the use of historical callsigns (or even historical aircraft, like, say, Concorde), you will have to accept that not everything is prepared to handle those. The software has to map ICAO codes to aircraft models and airlines, and if at any point any of those gets reused, as a programmer / administrator, you have to decide whether you want to use the current assignment or the historical one. I've actually run into a case
  8. Technically: sure, just connect your sim as observer, spawn at a suitable vantage point, and start shooting. Legally: it's a bit of a gray area, you're hogging a connection without actually flying or controlling, and whether this is allowed according to the VATSIM rules is a bit debatable; there's been a little discussion about this on another one of these topics but personally I think it should be OK, if not for the letter of the law, then for the spirit.
  9. Indeed. Also, you have to draw the line *somewhere*. Follow-mes, pushbacks, sure, but then we might also want to allow SAR vehicles, and why not buses and people movers and catering vehicles and marshallers and fuel trucks, and why stop at the airport boundary, how about normal road vehicles too, and oh my, ships too. It's a flightsim, not a world sim.
  10. A few thoughts here: - A13 exists, but if, hypothetically speaking, the community were to agree that human-operated followme vehicles were desirable, then the rules could be amended. "We cannot change the rules because of the rules" is circular reasoning. - Bandwidth is a valid reason at least in theory, though I don't believe the impact would be huge. The person who's driving the followme would, most likely, have connected as pilot or ATC otherwise, so I'd expect bandwidth impact to be negligible, if any. - Note that IRL, follow-me's are generally used in situations where ungui
  11. Lovely! If this became a regular service, that would be super awesome 🤩
  12. The new billing system is subscription-only, but you can buy a monthly subscription and cancel it immediately, this will have you pay 1 monthly rate, and you retain access for the full month. The software is provided as a convenience; you can also download the raw data, but you will have to figure out yourself how to install it and what to download. As a FlightGear user on Linux, this is what I have to do anyway, because navigraph supports neither, but I still get the data and it all works fine. For charts, you can use the web viewer, which unfortunately only remains accessible while
  13. Only reasons I can think of would be a) training / test flights aimed at practicing things below 10,000 feet, and b) flights too short to climb beyond 10,000 ft, probably repositioning flights - for example, Transavia sometimes needs to ferry 737's between EHAM and EHRD, BAW ferries Embraers between EGSS and EGLC, stuff like that. And even when the flight is technically long enough to climb beyond 10,000 ft, airspace restrictions might still make this impossible - e.g., many SIDs from EGLC keep you below 10,000 ft until you reach the coast, so as not to disrupt other traffic in the area.
  14. If you're willing to pay for it, you could buy 1 month of Navigraph.
  15. One more thing worth noting is the rule that says you can't simulate real-world emergencies / incidents. So if the real-world NOTAM is due to an ongoing incident, propagating it into VATSIM would, at least technically, be a violation.
  16. Because while the original complaint may have been unfounded, this seems to be a question that lots of people have been wondering about.
  17. There's a Firefox addon called Textern: https://github.com/jlebon/textern It requires a small helper service on the host, but other than that, it is very unobtrusive. You can configure it to launch any editor you like, including vim. To use actual text-mode vim in a terminal, I wrote a small wrapper script (because just starting vim does of course not spawn a terminal emulator, and gvim looks kind of fake).
  18. Thanks for taking the time for this serious and well-rounded response. Being an IT person myself, I totally understand the motivation for the upgrade. Re "jumping to first unread": I understand that the forum is supposed to take you to the first unread post, but this doesn't always seem to work. It could be that this is just a matter of not having imported the relevant metadata (who visited what when) from the old forum, so I hope this will sort itself out over time. Re "preferred text editor": Yes, I do; I like to use `vim` whenever possible, and I have configured my browser to
  19. Depends on the situation. If you're flying out of an airport that doesn't have any ATC coverage at all (i.e., none of the positions above it, up to and including CTR, are staffed), then you're essentially operating in an unrealistic situation, and you have to "play pretend" - that is, you fly as if you had been cleared by ATC, and use UNICOM to announce your intentions and coordinate with other pilots. When you reach controlled airspace, you call up ATC as if you had been handed over. If you're flying out of an airport for which top-down coverage is staffed, you call the closest cont
  20. For the "timeline" view: once switched to "condensed" mode, it is similar to the old "unread posts" view, but with a few differences: - there are additional icons and a bar on the left, which seem to be purely decorative and introduce only visual clutter; they don't seem to have any function - the pager is gone, and has been replaced with a "load more content" button that doesn't tell you how much more content there is - the old version allowed jumping directly to the unread post; the link for doing that has disappeared, and what looks like it should do that doesn't work (i
  21. My $0.02: The new layout looks very cluttered, bordering on unusable. The "timeline" style view is silly, and doesn't add any value over just listing the posts. Adding arbitrary bits of copy from post bodies to message lists isn't very useful but takes up valuable screen space. "Recommended post" at the top of a thread is an antifeature, I cannot imagine a single situation where I would want this. I generally want to either read the entire thread, skim it, or jump straight to the first unread post. The "frameless" design is a huge step back; it is now more difficult to visu
  22. That sounds like an awesome project. Would be lovely if you could host a blog or website or something of the sorts somewhere - I'd love to see an itinerary, map, screenshots, etc., also announcements for when and where your next flight will be, in case people want to join you as pilot or provide ATC service for you.
  23. Not an X-Plane user, so I don't know if this is feasible, but I would think that a two-stage system might be more pleasant for affected users. The first stage just kicks off a warning; the second stage, say 2-3 minutes later, then disconnects you. This gives the user a last change to lower their rendering settings, hopefully raising the frame rate and simulation speed back into the green, and it's not long enough to cause serious disruption on the network. Obviously this depends on whether 2 minutes is enough to change those settings in X-Plane.
  24. Topic says April 4th, but the banner and body text say 19th... which one is it?
  25. Of course. But the original question was specifically about what to do when there's no ATC. When there's a VATSIM ATIS, you would of course get your information from there; also, when there's an APP or CTR controller online, they will get all arrivals on the right approaches anyway (and amend flight plans as needed).
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