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  1. I would love to fly shared cockpit with you! I don't have the DC3 but if it is free i could get it. We could also do Zibo 737 or something like that!
  2. anyone want to fly with me i have Zibo 737, Toliss A319, Jar A330
  3. Lets say You Are departing Msp and you are with MSP Tower. He tells you to switch to Verizon yet on ___.__ When you go to that frequency a “private message” pops up sometimes saying you can give feedback on http://www ._____.ca or if thy he are streaming they put in their twitch link. How do you change this and put in your own twitch link etc.
  4. I want to see she airport while I am controlling. How do I do that?
  5. How do you change the text when pilots connect to your frequency?
  6. Why do I sometimes see Callsigns listed as observers?
  7. Sorry I meant I’m not sure how to install Audio For VATSIM on Mac.
  8. I am not sure How to download and open it. Where should I put it. Etc.
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