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  1. I notice that VRC is supposed to be a good one. I am wondering about this one. Download Tower View Modelsets - Required for Virtual Tower View In order to use the Virtual Tower View feature in VRC 1.1 or later, you will need to have the VIP multiplayer aircraft modelsets installed within FS9. If you already have Squawkbox 3 installed, then you don't need this. This installer (and the VRC Virtual Tower View) currently only works in MSFS 2004. I am wanting to use FSX if I need it, and have the Virtual Tower View. Thanks Jim
  2. I am wanting to be ATC using Steam and wondering what is needed. Do I have to own FSX multiplayer for Steam and a program like VRC? I am a real pilot (retired) and have an interest in doing ATC. Thank you for the help and dicrection. Jim
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