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  1. Hi guys, I’m sorry so bothering you but I really need help for xsquawkbox. I use Xplane11 with iMac. I started now just couple of weeks ago the vatsim online flying but I cannot setup perfectly the xsquawkbox I think, because I cannot use the voice trans. I can use just the text. I installed the xsquawkbox 1.3.3 from the webpage and setup everything, mic, sign in correctly but don’t working. I don’t hear anybody, but the text working good, just so hard follow the orders and answering same time. I would like use the voice system but I don’t have any idea how:( ? maybe I have to install more t
  2. Hi, my name is Kalman and just I want asking a little help. I started now the Vatsim couple of days ago, I did 3-4 flights with Vatsim. I use the xplane11 with xsquawkbox. Everything was maybe good:) no problems, I used the UNICOM in the uncontrolled sectors with text. But when I was in the controlled sector I couldn’t use the voice control, with enyone. everyone was just on text. it’s usual or not? I wanted use the voice control, with the ATC guys but unfortunately everybody was just on the text. maybe I have some problem with my radio, but I think if I can use the text, my airplane’s radio w
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