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  1. Congratulations, good luck to you all!
  2. Hi Brandon, Welcome back to the network! Since your return, VATSIM has restructured its pilot rating system which you can read up on here. Now, you will have to undergo training for each rating with a verified VATSIM ATO (you can find more details here). Essentially FAA equipment suffixes are interpreted properly and preferred by all VATSIM software, however, you can use ICAO equipment codes if you wish, though you may experience some technical issues.
  3. A warm welcome to Nick Fotsing who has been appointed as the new VATKWIQ Marketing Assistant (ACCKWIQ14). Nick has been one of our first few members here at the vACC, and his addition to the staff team means marketing will be a lot more effective in both its reach and quality. The entire staff team welcomes him aboard as we look to expand our marketing team.
  4. Membership Director - VATSIM Kuwait & Iraq VATSIM Kuwait & Iraq is recruiting a Membership Director (ACCKWIQ5)! The Membership Director is in charge of administering all membership-related operations within the VACC. Position Duties: Welcomes new members to the division and guides them for any of their enquiries such as initial ATC Training steps Overseeing & developing membership resources within the VACC. Overseeing membership support tickets and emails Assist with and implement VACC membership policies
  5. Best of luck, hope to continue seeing this vACC strive on the network!
  6. Hi David, You will have to get in contact with the Membership Department. To do so, you may open a ticket here: https://membership.vatsim.net/.
  7. VATSIM Kuwait is recruiting a Training Director (ACCKW4)! The Training Director is in charge of administering all training-related operations within the vACC. Position Duties: Manages the Kuwaiti training programme, and oversees vACC mentors and students Overseeing & developing training resources within the vACC Assist with and implement vACC training policies Ensuring training is expeditious and of a good standard throughout the vACC Producing regular reports on the status of training within the vACC Able to handle training related duties in additi
  8. Kuwait Radar for today's event from Dubai to Amsterdam!
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