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  1. Hello Robert Thanks. When I raised the xsquawkbox issues, I was advised that I should change to xpilot. I use x-plane 11 and vatsim and I switch off the AI planes in x-plane, so that I only show the planes presented by vatsim. The other plugins I use are : AviTab for charts BetterPushback FlywithLua for frame rate Terrain radar Xchecklist xsquawkbox works fine and I understand that when they incorporated AFV they dropped the text ATIS and the only way now to get that is to use the txt bar with .atis [ICAO(for reqd airport)_ATIS]. The lack of voice ATIS a
  2. Hello Justin Have not used Google Drive before so let me know if you do cannot access the 2 files .dmp & .rpt https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ie-nN6A3x-v14QXUHusWMFI-I4uDBKJm/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kDpBBUWJlKfT4elg6LTHDLauewBQ3zhb/view?usp=sharing Robin Meads
  3. Ok thanks. I will try it. It would be very useful if notices were put on the websites when significant changes are made, so that us numpties can keep up !
  4. Hmmm I lost ATIS on voice from 2 days ago. Have had no text ATIS since AFV was integrated into xsquawkbox (using x-plane 11)
  5. Hello I have just installed xpilot to run with my x-plane 11. It all appears to be set up correctly with the path to CSL files etc. I set a keybord toggle ; for the xpilot window, but it does not appear. I have to use the Windows key to go back out to the desktop to access it to Connect. After I open x-plane at a airport stand, I access the xpilot and connect, I hear other users, but within a few seconds the prog crashes out to the desktop and invites me to send a crash report to x-plane, which I have done. I have not been able to get any further
  6. From 1 April Euroscope gives this error when it tries to load the ipaddr.txt file. Is there an update for this file, or a new list of servers please ?
  7. Hello I keep getting an invalid error when euroscope tries to open the vatsim server files. Please can you send me the updated list or let me have a link Thanks
  8. Hello all Have installed Euroscope and have got the Hungary defult sector ok. On the download page, I have ticked the Euro-Vacc line & the EGTT_EGPX-UK sector line. Then I try to downlaod them The Eurocen gives an error : file is not a valid sector provide file. The Uk one gives an error : Download error report -1 (and some non English type face letters) I cannot seem to find anywhere to download UK sector files Suggestions will be gratfully received Robin Meads
  9. Hmm I am an idiot ! I had previously changed my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, but retained the original. Having sent a "Forgot my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word" on the vatsim website, I now have the correct one. i have input this in the Audio for Vatsim settings and I am now connected !! Rubbish in , rubbish out. Try Forgot p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word Mariol.
  10. I operate a 737-800 zibo on x-plane11 and have been using vatsim for some time, thru xsquawbox on a windows 10 gaming PC. I have downloaded the Audio for vatsim add on and completed the settings on it. I have set up x-plane 11 at an airport, then connected to vatsim by clicking on the xsquawkbox plugin (It still requires me to choose a server and rejects if there are more than 12 users on line). I can see the text traffic. I then open Audio for vatsim and it comes up with the Com1 & Com2 settings correctly as per the on board settings including my vatsim ID and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word
  11. Thanks Robert I had both VNAV and LNAV on. It followed LNAV, but ignore VNAV
  12. Good morning. I have set up the FMC with speed/alts as per AIP and there are no discontinuities. After takeoff I set the AP and it successfully follows the waypoints (altho it does lose them later, but that is another problem). My question here is why does the Xplane default 737-800 not keep to the FMC defined altitudes ? I set the main track at 8000 ft, but it climbs to over FL20. I have tried setting the required alt on the longer distance waypoint to 8000B, but it still climbs and does descend when it gets to or near to the waypoint. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  13. Good morning. As a new vatsim pilot, I find that when I tune to ATIS for an airport with an online ATC, I not only hear the default ATIS, but overlaid on it the ATIS supplied by the ATC. The two are then difficult to distinguish but do have significant differences. Is there any way to hear only one of them ?
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