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  1. I managed to get Swift/xswiftbus 0.9.3.xxx430 ("alpha") running on 2018 MacMini, Mojave 10.14.6, USB mic input, displayport output, X-Plane11.41r1 with ctrl-v hotkey mapping. It was not turnkey, but managed. Perhaps list your exact system config to get started.
  2. (Newbie to VATSIM this week.) I have been flying with settings Objects:Low and with the Fly_with_Lua script 3jFPS-Wizard11, to keep my frame rate up. Additionally, I was flying with all "AI Aircraft" entries deleted. (I only fly GA and VFR - a canard pusher Long-Ez.) I was initially confused by both the XSquawkBox install instructions: and the XSquawkBox initialization error message: I don't use TCAS, so is it ok to ignore this error message? To not see the error, I had to add back an AI Aircraft so for X-Plane 11.32r2: 1. Start X-Plane ( -> Main Menu) 2.
  3. I keep dreaming about being able to fly out of, in to, and do circuits at, my local GA airport with a few other voice enabled pilots to practice VFR announcing on a CTAF with VFR traffic in the pattern. Being able to deal with a Cub, a C152/172, and a Baron58 with me in the pattern, or adding one taking off, or adding an inbound 45 on downwind (or direct to crosswind or base), or one plane doing a T&G and one doing full stop to clear the runway, at the same time as radio work would really build my confidence and GA competence. This could be used as training and certification for new
  4. I would like to 2nd this. (I just this week switched from IVAO.) The IVAO tours (VFR GA tours in my case) system gave me purpose and recorded the results of my flying. Once a week or so, I spent about two hours preparing for a tour leg, 30 to 150 minutes flying a leg, 15 minutes reporting my leg, and then checking the next day to check that my tour leg had been accepted/qualified. The tours introduced parts of the country to me that enable conversations when I meet folks IRL from those parts. It also felt very sweet to get the 2018 USA East Coast VFR Tour ribbon after 20 legs in
  5. Thanks for the touch-base. I've seen the MIA_CTR up quite a bit, and once I get comfortable with the differences from IVAO, I'll plan the 30-45 minute flight down to MIA or FLL when ATC is live. I'm going through the P1 videos at this point, AND flying VFR connected staying clear of active controlled spaces. The fact that the VATSIM XSquawkbox allowed programming my flight-stick COM PTT is, by itself, miraculous. VATSIM is really exceeding my expectations. I noticed that my xsquawkbox doesn't allow filing a flight plan before connecting, and the video said to file before connecting
  6. I fly a VSkyLabs Long-Ez in X-Plane11 on a 2018 MacMini+eGPU with Ortho4XP imagery, VFR only, (and generally avoid Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airports). I took lessons and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed my PPL in a Cessna 152 over twenty years ago at KLNA Lantana, Florida. I now keep my X-Plane 11 Long-Ez in the exact same parking spot (without having to pay $50/hr to fly). It just feels so real, whether I'm pre-flighting, taxiing, doing T&Gs, or returning from a virtual tour. I_Fly_A_LongEz_XPlane by Alan McDonley, on Flickr Flying on a Mac is not optimum, but still pretty amazing.
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