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  1. Louis, are you in the Swift DIscord? They've helped me get very far, I'm almost done actually, just stop by there and ask any and every question.
  2. I'm already there, posted a support request on #support-macosx
  3. Ok I'll try both of these ideas, only thing is, the installation info you sent me, Chris, is what I've already visited and tried to download. Ben
  4. I've tried quite a few things to get VATSIM up and running on my Mac OS. Currently I'm running the newest version of X-Plane 11. I've asked around and some people said try using Swift to run VATSIM. When I attempted to download Swift, the XSwiftBus wasn't able to open as it was a Windows file. Apparently, the XSwiftBus file is pretty important and runs the actual Swift client in X-Plane. Am I wrong? If anyone has some ideas, I could really use it, the next step is buying a PC.
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