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  1. Hey everyone, so just to confirm: I have not received a mail about any CPT bookings and the CPT website under bookings doesn't list any booking for me, which means that I did not get a slot? Correct? If that is the case, I am truly stunned because last time it was said that those who participated during the last lotteries will get preferential treatment during selection if they did not get a slot last time. This is like - I think - the third time that I try to get lucky and - with all due respect to those organizing these events - it makes it harder to stick to the request of n
  2. Actually, I am affected as well. The weird thing is thought that I can't find a pattern under which conditions this occurs. For example, it happened twice or maybe three times during the recent Copenhagen event. On other flights nothing happens, then on others I have to experience this several times. And just like some before me wrote, the volume spikes are really painful. When they occur, I always rip my headset off as fast as I can, as well.
  3. I like it a lot! Good idea as I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume many people do want to have some sort of event planning capability by looking at their calendar.
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