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  1. I would like to offer another perspective to this topic, even though it is not directly related. What might be hard for (only) native English speakers to understand is, that all these sub-divisions are usually communities that are speaking the language(s) of their country. So most communication, be it voice or text will be in the native language. We in Germany accepted a long time ago, that German can not be mandated, and we try to provide all relevant information in English as well, switch to English when one of our members not speaking German joins the Teamspeak and mentor in English if the
  2. So how and when is a controller added to the roster? When I want him to control GND/DEL without mentor I have to add him to the roster. Then I cannot remove him easily (for good reasons I think). The policy has no provision for a solo endorsement for that situation.
  3. Yes this is how it is done now, but right now a controller with a S1 Rating can not control GND and DEL with no further training. The new policy allows this, so it is only logical to enable a similar training period pre S1.
  4. My point is, that since in the new policy the S1 rating comes with inherent privileges there will be training towards the S1 rating. It would be a shame, if we have to give the S1 rating to start training online because OBS can not log on as ATC. So essentially my feedback boils down to this: If S1 can control stuff, there should be a way to properly train towards this, and this should include the possibility to give a solo endorsement before the member is upgraded to S1.
  5. If people can control GND and DEL with S1, there will be training towards it and there should be a possibility for a solo endorsement with that. I know this is currently a technical limitation, but this should really be possible.
  6. My point is, that there is no solo endorsement for the step from OBS to S1. It only applies to controllers already holding the S1 for the next step.
  7. I don't understand why a solo endorsement for S1 is not included in the policy, while the S1 rating is a full rating in the new policy. It has fixed competencies and requires a full practical and theoretical test (what exactly is up to the division). However the trainee should be able to use a solo validation to further deepen his understanding of Vatsim and everything involved, especially in the beginning, when everything is new and the only way to get routine is by regularly doing it. I think not many sub divisions have the mentor capacity to provide multiple online trainings to these contro
  8. I feel it is much more a competency thing then it is a wording thing. I don't trust the division to make the right decision here (which would be to allow each sub division to decide), and sub divisions should be able to make all decisions that concern them without having to rely on the division making the right call. That might just be my opinion, but I think the policy should follow the principle of subsidiarity wherever possible.
  9. It says it is up to the division, which it shouldn't be, it should be up to the sub division.
  10. Two more things I noticed with this: First, if TWR and GND/DEL are combined, it might be a consideration, that the solo endorsement can be a combined 180 days, as it is for basically two ratings. Second, it says that this is up to the division: This should be up to the sub division. While a decision on the division level might make sense for divisions like VATUK, in more diverse places like VATEUD it is impossible for the division to decide this for all sub divisions. There might for example be places that don't have the traffic levels to warrant training them separately whil
  11. 7.05(c) allows to basically not use the S1 Rating for all purposes. Up until now trainees had to acquire the S1 rating before being able to log on onto the network as DEL/GND/TWR. With the new policy, OBS (so basically anyone) would have to be able to log on as TWR, so they can do online trainings/use their solo validation. Please make sure the log in process supports this, as giving an S1 rating for these purposes is no longer possible (as it would already grant the ability to control GND and DEL). Maybe it would also be a good idea to create a new step in between OBS and S1, so not just anyo
  12. Hey all, I am having a problem where the speed of aircraft on final for our TWR simulations. The default performance data has most aircraft fly to the FAP at about 240 knots, with a deceleration to about 190 knots when they start the descent on the glide slope. The aircraft then decelerate somewhat linearly to about 120 to 150 knots at touchdown. What I want to simulate: Aircraft cross the FAP at about 200 knots Aircraft decelerate to 170 knots Aircraft fly 170 knots until 5 miles final Aircraft then decelerate to a reasonable Vapp and land with it This
  13. The proxy is running in Euroscope anyways, if not you can do that in the connect dialogue.
  14. -Disconnect Time: 11:39z -How Often your disconnects are: every 5 to 10 minutes -What error the client showed on disconnect: none -Callsign: EDDF_TWR -Client Version: 1.6.30 -Internet Speed: 50Mbit/s -Internet Provider or rough real world location: Telekom near EDDM -A link to a zipfile of the debug.txt file if it exists as well as the Log folder within your client https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2i5qvlxqbb6lrf/Disconnect.zip?dl=0 EDIT: No more disconnects after this post :/
  15. I guess you are both right, I have seen the other topic, but i wasn't sure because the website itself is up again, but probably not everything is restored right now. My question could be rephrased I guess: Is there an alternative root sector file?
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