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  1. the only caveat here is that you need to check the text UNICOM in addition to listening to the voice channel before [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming the person is not communicating. Thats being said always announcing intentions is good.
  2. probably wouldn't join something like that as my existing VA allows you to fly whatever you want. if the air craft isn't matched exactly to their list you can alias the craft and fly what you want. i Have a hard time believing this is unique although i know some VAs are very strict about this sort of thing.
  3. as a text only pilot because I am deaf i must say i appreciate all controllers taking time to communicate via text. It is nice being able to participate in this awesome community when so many shut out those of us who can't communicate verbally.
  4. yeah +1 on the fltplan.com i used to use it before i got a Navigraph sub
  5. Right. Got it. So, if my opinion on the privacy issue doesn't align completely with your opinion, it's childish. It's thinking like this that has kept VAT from moving forward in any meaningful way over the past 10 years. smh Tim Tim you have a really realy, really childish habit of putting words in other peoples mouths, so if you want to talk about childish actions you should start there .
  6. Microsoft's TranslateIT si working well for providing speech to text abilities for those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing and helps us deal with those folks who are too ignorant to realize there are those who may not be able to hear as clearly as they are. Whether UNICOM is text or voice people will adapt.
  7. I've done this multiple times where you just open the settings and change your location and start new flight the connection to vatsim stays and now you're at the new gate and you use the very detailed ramp map to chose a new location.
  8. it actually didn't work for me but then again i have a hearing impairment and the captioning on the videos didnt work also at one point it asks for "Scenery" folde even though there are 2 in the base XPLANE directory...just not named "Scenery" One is "Global Scenery" the other "Custom Scenery" will have to try going back again and see if i can get it to work.
  9. This is a great program one thing I noticed though. When the Edmonton ATC (CZEG) is online the blue shape file gets cut off partially. The outline is still there but the filled in shape file only covers the southern half of the province. Love the program nice to have that sitting on my phone while i'm flying.
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