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  1. So, is the forum still going to be backwards compatible with the old links or not?
  2. I believe you have to remove LICENSE: from the beginning to get it working for some reason. It worked for me last time I had to update it
  3. Been a couple of weeks, the search index still hasn't been re-built. Really annoying when I want to find that one topic but can't because of the new topic URL - would you pleeease be able to implement some sort of redirect solution or something? Thanks
  4. Overhauling the forum links has completely borked Google search results - which still come up using the old forum link format. Could you atleast attempt to implement some sort of migration solution to redirect us from the old link structure to the new? Tried to search for something, clicked on a link to the VATSIM Forums, doesn't take me anywhere. This is the thread I'm trying to view in particular: https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=62718 I even tried second guessing the URL by using the title visible from the search result and cramming it in (e.g. https://forums.vatsim.ne
  5. I suggest you take a look at your vACC's current sweatbox files (if they have any) and see how they do it, it may be easier that way. From scratch it's a bit of a challenge, but if you're up for it you can start here https://www.euroscope.hu/wp/scenario-file/ and for running sweatbox sessions here https://www.euroscope.hu/wp/running-a-simulator-session/. If you want a demo scenario file you can find one in Docomeents\EuroScope\Scenario\LUKK\LUKK Scenario test.txt
  6. I think you should unite with other client devs to produce some sort of standardised version of a dataref configuration file maybe. I probably make no sense but that's just an idea
  7. Huzzah! Thank you Justin for bringing me peace of mind. My CTP adventure was sacrificed, but here's to next year.
  8. I know you may not want to have hundreds of DMs from dazed xPilot users, but I think it would be nice to have real-time progress updates, unless you prefer the good old-fashioned forum method, in which case, that's fine.
  9. I'm at JFK airport and aircraft movements have been lagging.. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting but all the CSL models are still loaded. When I disconnected with XSquawkBox, it removed all current CSL models that were visible. Could you possibly add a debug button or something to redraw all CSL models?
  10. The steps are really simple: 1) Connect to VATSIM with xPilot 2) Press the Disconnect button
  11. Thanks for that, looks like I was just being an eyesore after all
  12. I'm flying the Piper Cherokee on VATSIM but apparently xPilot doesn't recognise it as an aircraft type when connecting. Is this out of your control or is it something that can be added?
  13. I think I may have gotten this error in the form of an unhandled exception a while ago, but if the client is disconnecting then surely the voice server shouldn't complain. "Error disconnecting from voice server: Client not connected"
  14. Whenever I .msg someone with something, the chat window opens but it doesn't show the message I originally sent them. It's a minor thing but it would be much more satisfying being able to see what you actually sent them the first time.
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