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  1. I recommend that you take a look at the VATSIM Pilot Resource Center which is a great resource for getting started on the VATSIM Network. There is several lessons on both VFR (Visual Flight Rules), IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), and general guidelines on flying on the network that can be found within the resource center. Welcome to VATSIM!
  2. To fly co-pilot you will need to utilize a third-party plugin such as SmartCoPilot (which is payware, and you mentioned above). The Swift "shared-cockpit" mode is used by the co-pilot to connect to the VATSIM network, but as an observer, and can not be used for your partner to connect inside of your aircraft and use any controls, etc. : but only allows the user to receive and transmit on radio frequencies, and pick up surrounding traffic through their simulator. I recommend you checkout this documentation on the Swift co-pilot observer feature: https://dev.swift-project.org/w/help/spc/flightwithswift/sharedcockpit/ And you and your partner check out investing in SmartCoPilot or other addons to fly in the same plane to simulate a 2-person cockpit environment.
  3. From my knowledge the current VATSIM statistics page is based off the connections. Earlier this month I had one flight from Punta Cuna to Jacksonville, and I had connection issues. I then recollected the statistics from that partial flight that was broken up per connection. Thus concluding that both pilot, controller, and observers connections are through connections. To get every together it'd be a little harder to recollect the data (possibly by plan, date, and then combined to find all data). I knew that there is a few open source databases that have airport elevations or TDZE (touch down zone elevations), but I can not remember them by hand, and you'd have to look through the available sources.
  4. All of what was said here is extremely true. From first-hand experience of controlling the region; the airspace is extremely simple, and non-congested. There is only two fields that have a large amount of departure and arrival procedures, and those are Honolulu and Kahului; which receive a good amount of IFR traffic per month. I believe that both the Honolulu CF airspace, and Anchorage ARTCC airspace do need to see some more activity, and with time we do seek to increase our numbers, and provide a great quality of controlling in the Islands and up North. (don't forget about Guam... never...)
  5. VATUSA will address these concerns whenever it is possible. 😉
  6. There is a "payware" option for access to up-to-date procedures and this source would be Navigraph. Though not needed as such as Nick stated, there is always a way for the Air Traffic Controller to provide services that do not require these procedures to be generated in the plan as needed. Now, there may be limitations with not having the procedures available, and that would be the normal navigation data needed to be used to fly in accordance to GNSS routes may become available. Though ATC will comply with whatever limitations you must have to their best ability. If you somehow miracously have near up-to-date NAVAIDs (navigational aids) in the database provided by Flightfactor, or the base X-Plane 11; you may want to use a chart supplement database such as Chartfox to manually input these fixes for the pilot navigation SIDs (and altitude restrictions with RNAV and Hybrids). I hope all works well, and continue to have fun navigating the skies!
  7. You may use: https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php to file your plan. If you experience any more issues I am sure that a member of the Data/Web Services team would be more than happy to help. The pilot programs also usually have an area to file a plan, and I know that XSquawkBox has features for this: https://xsb2-manual.readthedocs.io/en/latest/using-xsquawkbox.html?highlight=file#filing-a-flight-plan
  8. Congratulations to Dulles in DC!
  9. Thanks for the post! I may have to relay this information so some of our controllers at my facility who may get into issues with new pilots, and may get even scared or annoyed at new pilots. We all do need to help eachother out, and if there is an issue just ask. When I'm controlling I always ensure that the aircraft knows what they're doing, and if they don't, I'll take a minute when time and situation permits where I can help them out, or message them some tips/tricks or information. And... I am certainly looking into that lovely alias you posted! Mahalo!
  10. Hello, Recently me and another member in my facility have noticed an issue in some of the applications we downloaded recently. One of which I downloaded (Audio for VATSIM [AFV]) has been getting the same error; no matter if I reinstalled it completely or not, and updated the program. The other facility member I mentioned has gotten an issue that is closely related to mine, but it is for vATIS. Below is the information for the errors I am getting. Thank You. Error Details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rwM7GeY8UOF21eQOZQf3crLAA9ZKV3rZqzvhUa31apE/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Thank you Took 27 hours of coding lots of lines of code, and code, and code!
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