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  1. Hi so i have this error when I try and file a flight plan in the vatsim network through project fly, the website its taking me to is this: https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php . it fills in all of the information and i click file flight plan and it says: The following fields are required and must be filled in before we can process your request: Filing from an external source is not permitted. Contact the webmaster for the site you used and ask him to update his site so that it only attempts to prefill fields on this form. Additionally, you may NOT use the 'back' function on your browser to
  2. Hi i'm looking to be an air traffic controller on the vatsim network. I have taken my exam and I got a 78% and it is not p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing. Can someone please tell me what the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing grade is, I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume its either 80% or higher or 90% or higher, it also may be 100% to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]. Also I am wondering when I will be able to take the exam again because when I click on the request basic ATC exam it comes up to a screen where there is an error " Error! The exam is already [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned or waiting for re[Mod - Happy Thoughts]i
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