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  1. Hello all! So, I have been downloading Ortho files for my flights, and I do not want to keep them on my computer all the time. At the same time, I do not want to be recreating the files every time I go into the area I have decided to host the files I have created and offer them for download for members. I will make more, and upload them as created. They are between zoom 13-15, a good balance between size and clarity. I have at the moment Cape York/Torres Strait, and the Weipa area. Each area is a 3 degree by 3 degree area, and can be downloaded as you need to use them. T
  2. Leg 3 YPAM to YCOE has been compiled and uploaded. Also, I have resurrected my old web pages and re-purposed it to better display my streams, and have info to join my discord channel as well. http://www.btfg.space/?p=171
  3. As part of my Cessna World Tour videos, I have been adding in Creative Commons music into the youtube versions I upload (condensed versions of my flights). If you are a music maker and want your music showcased in one of my videos, let me know! All music is appropriately credited, and only used when legal to do so (permission from artist or CC music giving rights for use), as well as the title and artist displayed when the track starts. Credits also added in video description. Thanks and see you in the air!
  4. YPAM to YCOE will be done 1 October, 2019 at 0000z, and will be live streamed at http://twitch.tv/valareos
  5. I like having checklists. It adds to realism, and helps if you have forgotten something. I could not find a good one for the C172 G1000, so I made one. Specifically, I also added VATSIM specific checks, such as reminders of when to ask for clearances, setting up UNICOM, and a few others. I have heavily based it on a checklist found at http://aspenflyingclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Checklist-C172SP-G1000.pdf If you find an error, or something that should be done in a different order, let me know! You should only need to make a text docomeent in the X-Plane/Aircraft/Laminar Rese
  6. https://youtu.be/PLLRv5jVvEI Flight from Rockhampton to Palm Island complete! I ran off the runway though... Next flight will be Palm Island to Coen, Queensland
  7. due to a crash of my client mid flight, I will be redoing the flight on 21st September 2300z Flight will be under VFR, using VOR navigation only (no GPS)... unless I get lost, in which case, ill turn on the GPS
  8. Leg 1/87: Archerfield (YBAF) to Rockhampton (YBRK) Rocky start of the trip, I was delayed by almost an hour, and I was at fault for most of it! Landing in Rockhampton became a fight, as apparently I lost my left flap sometime in the trip! Next leg will be Rockhampton (YBRK) to Palm Island (YPAM) September 20, 2019 at 2300z
  9. Hello everybody! I posted this on the VATPAC forums, but decided given the fact I will be going around the world, I want to keep everyone in the loop on what I am doing. I have began a 87 leg trip on X-plane in the Cessna 172 that will take me around the world! The trip will take me to the following countries: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, USA (Alaska), Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, UK, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, then back through Indonesia to Australia. I will
  10. 10 years on and this still is a valid fix. This was driving me insane.
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