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  1. I have tried daily as well. I checked my media packs as well. I noticed when I first boot up xPilot, I click settings and the sound bar for my mic is fluctuating meaning that it is receiving audio from my mic. The moment I click connect and it fails, in the settings dialogue box the microphone does not detect any audio. HOWEVER, the sound panel does recognize sound coming from my mic.
  2. I have only been able to connect to text only. Even with the AFV standalone as well.
  3. [17:56:42] Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (Forbidden - )
  4. Hello, I just installed xPilot, I did everything possible however when I connect I get this error: Voice Room Failed (Connection: Forbidden -) Text works just fine, mic and audio as well. Nothing else is causing issues. How do I fix this?
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