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  1. Ok, thank you for reply! I hope that they'll fix it soon... Thanks, Michal
  2. Hi! As I used VatSpy, it's doing great. But sometimes it says that it couldn't load data from the server and is changing to an another server. As it changed last time, it's not displaying any ATC info (Controller info with for example covered airports by Center frequency, or ATIS transcription). It's very problematic, because I don't know if some Radar contollers control airport that I want to fly, and when I'm contacting them, they say, that, as they wrote in the Info section, they do not control that airport. So my question is: can I manually restart to an another server to see the ATC in
  3. Thank you, guys! I did P1 rating, but anyway you helped me with understanding the purpose of ratings. And I'm very happy because yesterday I completed my first flight on Vatsim! Thanks, Michal
  4. Hi! I read a lot on VATSIM website, but I still don't know one thing - if I have P1 pilot rating, can I fly on VATSIM or I need to have some higher rating? And can I fly here if I would have no rating (P0)? Thanks, Michal
  5. Thanks, Torben! Yeah, FSXWX is simulating real world weather, so I don't have to think about weather anymore. Thank you for help, now I know that default FSX p/b is enough. With sceneries, I will download some freewares (everything's bether than FSX's 2006 airports) or demo versions of paywares. Only problem is navigation database but, as you said before, if I won't be able to follow some SIDs/STARs, I will report that to ATC. So,I'm now ready - I will soon fly my first flight on Vatsim - wish me luck! Thanks for a lot of information. Cheers, Michal
  6. Hello! I'm in aviation for few years, and I have the FSX Steam Edition sim. I wanted to take my simulation to a higher level, so on Steam I bought Aerosoft A320 (my favourite aircraft). Then I thought that maybe I'll start my Vatsim pilot career. I know all phraseology, how to communicate etc. But my problem is: what I need? Is it required to have advanced, payware weather adddon (like ActiveSky)? I have free FSXWX, but I'm not sure if it's enough. Also, do I need some sort of ground services addon? I think that default FSX pushback may make some problems (ATC would not be happy if it'
  7. [problem solved] Hello. I'm a new VATSIM user, I registered one day ago, and I wanted first to observe some transmissions. I installed vPilot, connected it to my sim (FSX:SE) and connected the server (with note "observing" in flightplan, just for hearing, not talking). When I tuned the frequency, I saw text messages of pilots and ATC, but I didn't hear anything. I was able to wrote text messages and I I saw all other planes with proper callsigns. Yes, I'm sure that my account is active. Yes, I'm sure that I connected. Yes, I have tried diffrent servers. Yes, I configured output devices. Y
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