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  1. On 6/12/2020 at 4:56 PM, Giovanni Tarar said:

    The problem isn't pretty much in vSMR itslelf, but in how Euroscope handles the plug-ins.


    See this topic for more info: 

    Thank you very much. This helped and now it isn't crashing anymore


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  2. Hello everyone, whenever I want to close the Euroscope Beta, the usual question comes up whether I want to save everything. However, Euroscope does not close after that, but crashes.
    If I have multiple instances of euroscope, all of them can be closed and saved normally, but never with the main connection. He never saves the changes in this instance.

    Additional info: It makes no difference whether I was connected to Vatsim or not. The only open instance is the one that never reacts. (Windows: program does not respond -> full crash)

    Thanks for an answer in advance
    Paul à Brassard

    Euroscope crash.JPG

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