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  1. Thank you very much for the approval, Tim 🙂 We are very proud of the awesome pilot base we were able to recruit during the last eleven month. Looking forward to celebrate our first anniversary soon 😉 Best regards from Germany, Max
  2. Thank you very much for having us and all the amazing work all you guys do to let us enjoy our hobby even more!
  3. Good evening fellow pilots, I have been experimenting with recording and cutting videos for our VA... For those of you that are interested - this is one of the first results: http://airfox-virtual.de/uploads/public-relations/airFox-VA_video_I.mp4 (and yes I know, the landing is, well... "unbuttery" ) Best, Max
  4. airFox Executive Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] - von Maastricht (EHBK) nach Nizza (LFMN) Have a pleasant sunday Best, Max
  5. Thanks a lot. It is the livery of our new virtual airline (founded one month ago, officially launched today
  6. Happy new year to all of you, I am very excited to announce that we - a bunch of former Wika-Airlines HQ and staff members - are launching our new VA today: airFox virtual. Currently we are only five pilots (enough for the VAA programe, though) that enjoy tubing as much as we love a good VFR flight in a GA-aircraft. We do not aim at becoming the biggest or most popular virtual aircraft. However, we would like our airline to become on of the most modern ones. What we currently have to offer: - neat webpage - good selection of liveries for most of X-Planes common aircrafts (other
  7. May I introduce you to the WIKA-Executive-Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]?!
  8. thank you very much (toda, if i remember properly)
  9. Really loving the new x-enviro 1.12 and its ability to cover everything with snow <3
  10. Hello fellow pilots, as my VA pilot colleague Sebastian already mentioned here some pilots of our VA decided to give VATSIM a try when the new audio codec was released. And well, what can I say - we immediately fell in love with the audio thingy, the awesome controllers (friendly and competent) and their overall coverage. Thanks for having us! Some shoots from yesterday's flight from Billund to Dortmund:
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