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  1. I can confirm that. The new nightly build of vSMR has fixed all the hang-related issues, but hopefully a fix for the plug-ins management is coming with the next ES beta 🙂
  2. The problem isn't pretty much in vSMR itslelf, but in how Euroscope handles the plug-ins. See this topic for more info:
  3. Did the same, but sometimes I have to use it anyway because it's really useful, and I'm an S1 so ground is my only job...
  4. Yes. From start to the end everything it's fine. But after clicking on the X to close, and after having confirmed all the save/cancel windows, it hangs until you give it an imput with the mouse and then crashes. At least it saves the settings before crashing
  5. I have just updated the ms redist but no luck...Euroscope still hangs on closure
  6. I did some investigations and tried multiple combinations of plug-ins. I found that the one that is causing Euroscope to hang on exit is vSMR...
  7. Thanks a lot. Will follow the advice. Hopefully it will be fixed soon
  8. Hello guys! I've just updated to the latest v3.2.1.24 beta, and it seems to have an issue. Whenever I close Euroscope (either after a session or if I just started it to check something) it does the usual asking if I want to save this and that, but after I click Save or Cancel on the last window, it hangs and after a couple of minutes Windows tells me the the program is not responding, and crashes. Has anyone of you experienced this issue as well? Best regards!
  9. Thought about it, but had some rumors from the CTP team, so let's see how it goes.
  10. I kinda guessed that... Unfortunately my C++ skills are close to none, so I'll never be able to develop such a plugin. At least I hope I've thrown an idea for a new plugin Thanks for the help anyways!
  11. Hi everyone! In preparation for the CTP, I'm working to optimize my EuroScope in order to avoid confusion and major issues. I'll be working as DEL/GND and as such, I'll need to keep an eye on the EOBT to authorize push and starts. Since it will be an endless departure list, I was wondering if there is a way to change the EOBT color based on the timings. For example: It's 1200z and there are three aircrafts with different EOBTs: AC1 is at 1230z, AC2 is at 1200z, AC3 is at 1130z What I'm aiming for is to have the early aircraft (AC1) to be displayed in green so that i
  12. I've just checked that out. Thanks a lot for letting me know!
  13. Hi everyone! I have a slot for the Cross The Pond Westbound 2020. I'll be also a controller at one of the departure airports, so in order to fly, I would need my slot to be very late. So I'm looking for some good soul willing to swap slot for the same airports, but with slightly different times (so that I'll be able to cover my ATC shifts). My slot is as follows: - Departure: Rome Fiumicino LIRF - Arrival: Boston Logan KBOS - Flight Level: FL320 - Time: 14:16z The departure time I'm looking for is everything from 15:00z, at any flight level. Of course I can prove that I ha
  14. Wonderful! Thank you so much for your help!
  15. I might disagree....5 seconds would be a more realistic reaction time in order to not having the slot taken by someone else I was thinking to do as you said, but my concern was that there was a more direct way. Anyway, thank you for your answer. I'll try to look for someone and see if they're willing to do so. Is it allowed to ask for a swap on this forum? Just to make sure I stay legal Thanks again.
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