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  1. Hello, I've been flying on Vatsim with xPilot on X plane 11 for coming up to one year now. The work you all do is amazing and adds such realism to the experience. Thank you. Like many XP11 users I'm sure, I have pre-ordered FS20 and am eagerly awaiting the 18th to try out this new sim. I am also keen continue my Vatsim pilot adventures. I was delighted to hear about your involvement. The questions I have are around set up of the client software and connecting. Once I have the game fully installed, do I download the vPilot client for use in FS20? Is there any 'how t
  2. Hi all, Been using VatSim & X-Pilot now for about one month. I must say this is incredible and the ATC people are amazing and really make a huge difference to flying in the sim. Learning so much from them too. The question I have is there a place to get approximate times when certain airports & regions are most likely to have ATC manned comms? I've mainly flown out of London UK, which have good coverage evenings and weekends, but less activity during mornings etc. Is it better to use the time to match likely hood of ATC? ie moving around the world to match evenings/weeke
  3. Been using this for about one month now. First couple were exactly like many described. Nervous laughter, sweating etc. Few mishaps The UK ATC people are so good at their roles, really adds to the experience. Now that I’ve built up confidence (using GA planes) next step is heading to USA for some flights at LAX, JFK, MIA etc. Not risking the 737’s just yet TTG77 TBM 900
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