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  1. Hmm ok because this is not really working for me after a voice disconnection I have te re-connect to the network to get it working again for a short while… Thanks for your info! Jelle
  2. Hello, I use P3DV4.5 with Vpilot on vatsim but get allot of disconnects from voice server. Seems like that after +/- 30 sec of not actually using voice I get disconnected. My internet is working fine. ERROR MSG [12:14:29] Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Lost connection Any idea's? Jelle
  3. Where can I download the radar map for vERAM? and then connect. Sorry new here
  4. Can i take my IVAO rating to VATSIM? Also cannot find any EHAA sectorfiles. Need help to explore and compare to IVAO. Jelle
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