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  1. Yesterday I was approaching EDDF and cleared for ROLIS1A level FL100 at ETARU. ATIS told the 25L and 25R were in use. Just before ETARU the CTR logs off and transfers everybody to UNICOM. Ok, I keep planning for 25R. During the downwind leg, I checked the new ATIS and now it said 25C is in use. Just before turning for base, I swapped for ILS 25C, and switched to TWR and announced "ILS25C 16 miles out". TCAS did not show any planes so I trusted that the final was clear. In this situation, if the TWR is present but nothing above, is it preferable to move earlier from UNICOM to TWR to say in
  2. When filing through Simbrief, it opens a new page on Vatsim with your flightplan, have you then filed the flightplan from there?
  3. I suggest all (big) events should be cancelled, as all they cause is chaos... If you are a participant, even with a slot, you have to wait and if you are an outsider you have to wait for the participants to get their act together. This weekend I was hoping for a quick one hour hop, but I had to wait 20-30 minutes just to get my clearance as it happened to be The Tegel night and EFHK was invaded by Alpacca Airways. Just joking about the events. I really do not see an issue of Vatsim strongly suggesting to avoid the busy airspace during the CTP. If you are not part of it, then why would you
  4. I think AVsim thread started well, but then degenerated a bit (or a lot...). I am not sure if it would have helped at all, even if everybody there would have stated "Yeah, MSFS IFR sucks." I think everyone in that thread know the limitations currently in MSFS. But there is not much they can do, but eiither bash MSFS or just try to live with it. With current limitations. So either you keep bombarding M$ about the issues, or fly with some other simulator and wait for the fixes. Having a high blood pressure even for this is not healthy. Because I guess the fixes will take quite a long t
  5. I would suggest you turn off all the other traffic sources if flying in Vatsim.
  6. It is Sierra even in Europe. Dutch accent is strong on this one.
  7. Omit QNH? The flight crew shall read back to the air traffic controller safety-related parts of ATC clearances and instructions which are transmitted by voice. The following items shall always be read back: c) runway-in-use, altimeter settings, SSR codes, level instructions, heading and speed instructions and, whether issued by the controller or contained in automatic terminal information service (ATIS) broadcasts, transition levels.
  8. Spot on, it is "nail biting" to have been vectored for ILS but not given approach clearance or on a final with no landing clearance, and someone starts a long winded IFR clearance readback with wrong SID etc. This requires controller to be really on top of things.
  9. Ok, for whatever reason (perhaps because using Simbrief and filing from there) I have never used, nor seen xPilot flightplan window. I stand corrected.
  10. I do not underestimate his efforts and actually I am not using 11.50 yet. My question was purely that if there should have been no changes needed to 3rd party planes because of the TCAS in 11.50, then why there have been reports about this not working. But as @Nico Paetzold confirmed, TCAS works fine with Toliss. Of which I am happy about.
  11. xPilot has nothing to do with flight plans. Flight plans are filed separately to Vatsim and xPilot just needs the flight number.
  12. Older Alpha is available, check the pinned topics, but it will not work with 11.50 as far as I have understood. Sorry, mixed alpha and beta... why does it have to be this difficult...
  13. As there seems to be some planes with TCAS issues with alpha and 11.50, why would this be? The new TCAS override method states what reason might cause e.g. Zibo(?) and Toliss lose TCAS functionality, if they do work ok with 11.41? I have not tested these planes with 11.50 yet, but this seems to be the case based on forums.
  14. One below ears bleeding? If you mean transmit then do a radio check with ATC and adjust if needed.
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