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  1. Same with xPilot. That is what I use to check the callsign first.
  2. If you know it will be short interrupt, then request to be away for few minutes. If you know it will be a longer time, you might do the same or perhaps ask for a hold, if you have the fuel...
  3. True, you can not, everybody is neutral "hän". Neither do we have genders (or articles at all (a, an, die, der, das...)) for things, nor are e.g. our ships "she", they are "se (i.e. it)".
  4. I have been misgendered in USA because of my first name (outside VATSIM)... And many names are not self-explanatory, and I wonder why should they. But the solution to lot of this misgendering would be to change to use Finnish language as ICAO official language! We do not have gender specific pronouns. Of course we have Sir and Madam equivalents, but very rarely used in this context, so by dropping those you would be as polite (or un-polite) as a Finn.
  5. And Airbus (not sure if A320NX) does autotune NAV frequencies in real life. It does not autotune COM frequencies. Except in MSFS.
  6. And this permission may not be provided if the airport is busy and can not accommodate e.g. increased separation. Of course we can do what we want as this is a virtual environment. But I assumed OP wanted to simulate real life situation when asking if missed approach would have been correct thing to do, as it would have been. If you have briefed the landing as CAT I, and at 200' you find that the clouds are lower, you are not allowed to "aaah bugger, let's do CAT III autoland".
  7. In real life you can not do CAT II/III approaches unless the airport is currently using Low Visibility Procedures. I am not sure if these are in use Vatsim.
  8. And you are sure there is UA A320 CSL model in your library with the same code he is using? I used BB before, but changed to xCSL. Seems to have been quite good so far in matching model.
  9. Press VHF1 button (the one that turns) on your ACP (under the radio), it should light up. Looks like you are only transmitting and not listening anything.
  10. Interesting discussion, even though slightly repeating, but somewhat one sided, i.e. mostly about ATC workload. What about pilot workload? Flying and reading (and typing) at the same time is distracting. I am not against having /t, as it is clearly required, but I can still say it is distracting. Especially if you have a HW cockpit.
  11. I was listening LiveATC from TNCM a week ago. There the Tower handled the "Ground" and Delivery very efficiently. I guess they do not even have a regular Ground. It was interesting to hear pilots asking for clearance to somewhere in US and after that them asking "are you also handling the ground?" and he replying "Yeah, I am doing DEL, GND and TWR today". btw I am all for /v but understand someone having to use /t.
  12. May be I am stupid, but natTRAK shows no menu etc for me. I can login but that's it... edit. now I read "Please note you can only use natTRAK's features when connected to the VATSIM network." So I have to have xPilot logged in?
  13. So which is it on your left/right monitors? you can see all the planes but not the callsigns you can see some of the planes but not the callsigns you can not see any of the planes
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