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  1. After a few weeks and finally updated my PC, Euroscope runs a bit better, but still it kind of lags. It can be nice if a performance (HW acceleration) update is released though.
  2. I tried every version, even the early ones. 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and even the latest beta. Still no change...
  3. UPDATE 24.06: I haven't seen any change, it's still laggy when moving around. I have a good gaming PC so I doubt my computer is the problem here.
  4. I already checked this. By default (HvACC sector), FP is not in N mode and m_ShowUnconcernedInFpList is set on 0.
  5. I will try and come back. Thx 😄 Edit: Can i also change EuroScope user file folder from Documents to an other drive?
  6. Hi guys. I use EuroScope for controlling and on Windows 10 (installed on a Samsung 970 Evo NVMe 500GB SSD) it runs bad.. Very fresh install coz the SSD is new still. When I use it on Windows 8 installed on a HDD (installed only for EuroScope) it runs very good without any fps problems. Is there something I have to do on my Windows 10? Kind regards,
  7. Hello there, Anthony! 1) Make sure you have set a push to talk keybind in Settings>Audio/Push to Talk (PTT) and with the keybind you assigned, you can use that to talk to ATC. If you already have assigned a keybind but you still can't transmit, check your audio settings in the section I showed you above. 2) You can tune into a frequency by typing .com1 (frequency). For example: .com1 118.100 or manually using your radio box. 3) Yes. If you are finished with your transmission, you can let your PTT key go. If the problem persists, I'm happy to assist you more. Have fu
  8. No I haven't, but I think my friend who was doing TWR before me is on it. I am talking with a ROvACC staff member on Discord and see if we find solution.
  9. Hello everyone, me and my other colleagues are experiencing some issues between LGTS and LBSF tower as both stations have the same frequency. No matter how low I set my Euroscope range, I still receive audio from Sofia. I think its afv in my opinion. Looking forward to any answer. Thanks.
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