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  1. I learned that also the hard way as a newbie. I took off from an airport that was under Boston Center's area and that because the airport is towered in real life and even though nobody was controlling it I still needed clearance as I was in there airspace.
  2. So at least I'm not alone with this phenomenon .
  3. Why do I get a double filed flight plan? I click on the Flight Plan button in xPilot, enter the info and the click File and the window closes.
  4. I would so attend that event! He is a national treasure!
  5. I will vouch highly for VATSTAR. As a newer person myself I've found it easy to get started with them. I've completed my P1 so far and studying now for P2.
  6. I've been flying sim for a couple of months now and now connecting to VATSIM more and more. My question is what is the simplest way to confirm that I have everything setup? So far I've flown "under the radar" doing small VFR flights and having my radio tuned to Unicom and have seen basic text communication via xPilot.. I have the CSL files downloaded and mapped in xPilot. If there are other flights more or less within my view from my plane I should "see" the other flights correct? I'll start with that. Peter
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