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  1. Hello, I just went on CTP to book a slot, and there doesn't seem to be any left already, and bookings for EGCC have been opened for just over 2 and a half hours? is this correct? Josh
  2. Thanks for the answer to that. I have another set of earphones that are wired and I'll see if they work. Josh
  3. Let me be a little more clear to see if anyone knows what is going on. I'm using a set of PowerBeats 3 earphones (Bluetooth). If I am not connected to VatSim, I can hear all aircraft sounds just fine. If I connect to VatSim via XSquawkBox, I immediately have muted aircraft sounds, but it almost sounds like they are just shy from being muted (can barely hear them, like a quiet whisper some distance away). If I disconnect, they immediately come back. Is there a hidden setting for the severe reduction in aircraft noises? Josh
  4. Hi all, I just recently installed xSquawkBox 1.3 for X-plane 11, and can setup the mic (Powerbeats 3), but I'm completely unable to hear any aircraft sounds! What am I doing wrong on this setup? Thanks. Josh
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