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  1. Actually based again on Littlenavmap... and on the experience of my previous flights between EGCC and EGKK... Next time I will use the SRD file or Simbrief! Thanks to all of you for the valuable support!!
  2. yeap... but the pb is that the Controller of EGNX seems to have other expectations than the Controller around EGKK which makes it difficult... The Controller from EGNX did not accept my route which was actually the route requested by EGKK... So I was wondering which is the proper route from EGNX to EGKK... My route included a DCT KIDLI which also seems not so nice... so if anybody has a better suggestion for a route between EGNX and EGKK please let me know -). THANKS!!
  3. Hi, I flew EGNX to EGKK today. Originally I planned to use the STAR KIDL1G and entered the route DTY UM605FINMA DCT KIDLI. But the Controller in EGNX asked me to take another road first DTY DCT WCO DCT MID then he changed and asked me to take DTY UM6085 WOD UL612 MID. Since MID is the second waypoint of the STAR I selected STAR KIDL1G he asked me to change the STAR and take MID IX. That looked OK but when I got in contact with London Center he told me that my road is not valid and to fly direct to HOLLY after MID and not to follow the STAR MID IX. So was my first route I selected
  4. It should be better now with default EGKK at least... Not yet with addon scenery of "tdg no static" but perhaps they will also correct it...I will refer the issue to them as well...
  5. Sure we will survive !! 😄 I just wanted to make sure that it is not a specific issue on my side only! If you also have it and it is a general issue for this specific scenery I am fine, although I will ask X Plane to double check the issue and perhaps adjust their scenery if the issue is on their side...
  6. Hi Andreas, yes this is exactly the addon scenery I am using ... EGKK Gatwick Airport No Static Aircraft - Scenery Packages (v11,v 10, v9) - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) But I am getting situations like on the pictures below... Especially on taxiway J on the way to J4 rwy 08R but also on Pier6 or West Park as on the third picture below... Perhaps you could double check on your side (I am using X Plane 11.51). And I have this situation in no other airports up to now!
  7. Marc Sieffert


    Hi I am using X Plane, WIN10 and X Pilot and I see all planes in this airport of EGKK 4-5 meters too much to the left... This happens with the default airport from X Plane and with a freeware I installed... Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks!!
  8. Hi Andreas, actually you are perfectly correct, I asked "please say again"... and he spelled TNT Tango November Tango... So I new exactly which waypoint he meant but was not sure about the name TRENT... The thing is that I am using little Navmap where I checked after the flight but nothing about TRENT... See below... So my lesson is little Navmap is great but sometimes also have a look at the actual charts... 🙂
  9. Hi, I used DAYN2A approach on EGCC and the Controller when mentioning the first waypoint TNT did not say Tango November tango but something like trends... I could not really understand.... Is there a special name for TNT? Thanks!!
  10. Hi, just for info with version 1.3.38 when opening the ATC frequency page I need to double click 2 times (double click then again double click) on the frequencies to get them tuned in COM1. Hope this could be solved soon -) Thanks! PS: I am using WIN10, X Plane 11.51 and Zibo EDIT: It seems meanwhile the pb is solved...
  11. Hi, when I fill the flight plan I am getting several times an error message "no flight plan found..." see attached video https://drive.google.com/file/d/13DYSn75PVXBglDVE99quxKECXcASpD2_/view?usp=sharing Is this a bug or do I do something wrong? Thanks! EDIT: I just got the info it's a known issue -)
  12. Hi I have two more questions regarding 2 instructions; The first one is a request to descend to FL 120 to the level TNT. Is this how in english you request to reach FL120 when reaching TNT? The second is to keep a speed until track DME... then he said this means 10 NM DME... Could somebody explain this why track DME means 10 NM DME? https://drive.google.com/file/d/11A2xRJufp04Cfc_zKRqwTN6O3RxvdlYl/view?usp=sharing Thanks!!
  13. Hi Justin, I tested again also this morning and if I start with a frequency which is not tuned in yet on my COM1and double click on the new frequency I want to tune in then: - If I double click first on the frequency that I want to tune in I am getting first ATIS but if I then double click on another frequency this other frequency is tuned in and for all further new frequency double clicking works fine. So the pb is only the very first step when I am clicking on a new frequency not tuned in yet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NJcvq8vQpD85p8NqTFHmnGlOnO2HbPug/view?usp=sharing
  14. Hi, I just up graded x Pilot to 1.3.36. Normally according to the change log the new functionality should be like this: Changelog 1.3.36 - 01/23/2021 Remove mutex locks from airplane management class Nearby ATC Window mouse click events updated. Single-click will request the controller info/text ATIS. Double-click will tune the COM1 frequency to the selected controller/station. But when I double click on the frequency I am getting also ATIS (see video link below) and only when having clicked several times on several frequencies I am eventually getting the frequen
  15. Hi, I got an instruction from Manchester approach that I could not understand (from a language perspective since I am not native English speaking but probably also from the content point of view...) - See link below - The first part before descend 5000 feet... Something with 35 ...??? considering that I was 20 NM from the airport I am not sure what 35 could have been.. probably not 35 NM to be tracked before decsending... Anybody could clarify this? Thanks a lot!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/10fbnawDPniIZNSCiqn-O3nrj10VHV5tj/view?usp=sharing
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