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  1. OK so you mean that ATC is allowed to give instructions until min 2000 feet. But if I am at 3000 feet already before the intercepting point and ATC asked me to descend to 2000 feet I need to stay at 3000 until the intercepting point and then ILS GS will anyway start the descend... right? I should not descend further if I am already at 3000 feet before the intercepting point since the intercepting altitude is 3000 feet (see chart below), right?
  2. Hi, when flying to EGKK (Gatwick) yesterday I selected the arrival KUNA1 G and the approach ILS 08R. When I got closer to the approach phase, the ATC gave me some vectors to get me close to the ILS intercepting point FF08R. This point is located at 3000 feet (see below). What surprised me is that when I got really close to the intercepting point and did the last turn, ATC gave me the clearance for the ILS approach and asked me to take the Heading to FF08R and to descend to 2000 feet although at this stage I was at 3000 feet (the intercepting altitude) and at around 2-3 miles from the intercept
  3. Thank you also, I had also an old version which did not work anymore, with the link above all is fine again 😀 What's about the link below? Is there also a new one? The planes and ATC do not appear anymore... VATSIM map (vau.aero) I had this map on my tablet during flights... if this map does not exist anymore which one would you recommend as a link from internet? Thanks!!
  4. Hi, does anybody have an opinion on this: In scenarios where ATC has vectored me away from the programmed route in the FMC for an ILS approach via vectors, what is the most realistic procedure to follow? Delete info of unflown remaining route in FMC? Recycle F/D prior to intercept or after? Or recycle F/D as soon as ATC starts vectoring me? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks a lot, that really helps!! One question why is LTC_E_CTR 118 475 not on the map? This frequency was used on Vatsim. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am a bit confused about the areas dedicated to the different Radar/Center frequencies in UK. Especially the difference between for example LON CTER South 129425 and STC South 134125... what does actually STC stand for? Is there a list of all Radar/Centers for IFR flights (Boeing...) in UK which enables also to better understand the area of responsibilities? Thanks a lot!!
  7. Hi, a few days ago I landed with my B737 Zibo in EGKK (Gatwick). I am using Noaa weather and there was a terrible fog... Actually I started to see the rwy when I was at 45-50 meters height... but I switched on autoland... So my question is, I read that actually the decision height for Go around is 200 feet with autoland or without autoland (I think there is no difference in the decision height...). Would it have been correct to Go around without seing the Rwy at 200 feet?
  8. Thanks ok I see, does it mean that if we take the planes in the first raw that AFR1280 is planned to arrive at EGLL at 18.04 (therefore this is not the planned departure time) and SRR6316 is departed at 17.53 from LFRN (and is not the planned arrival time)?
  9. Hi, when I open the Navigraph charts of airports in Avitab (Zibo) I can see my plane... But the plane is not visible when I open the Taxi stand maps... Is there anything to do to enable this? Also when I click on airport I have a long list of airport briefings first before I get to the airport, is there a way to set up the Navigraph charts in Avitab not to see the briefings? Thanks!! EDIT: I just went on the Navigraph Forum and saw that my question was already asked... they are working on it and we will have more and more taxi gate charts with geolocalisation whith the time...
  10. Hi, is there a kind of bug in the VAT SPY table? See below... It seems arriving planes are in departing column and departing planes in arriving column... Or do I need to set this up?
  11. Hi, during my last flight from Paris to Gatwick I was asked to hold at Timba. On the chart I could see no info regarding the size of the holding, 1mn, 1,5 mn... In this case we need to ask the Controller for this info, right? On the holding on May (same chart below) I see the info D1,5 ... This means holding with 1,5 minute I assume, right? If yes what is then the meaning of the D5.0 just above? Thanks a lot!!
  12. Actually based again on Littlenavmap... and on the experience of my previous flights between EGCC and EGKK... Next time I will use the SRD file or Simbrief! Thanks to all of you for the valuable support!!
  13. yeap... but the pb is that the Controller of EGNX seems to have other expectations than the Controller around EGKK which makes it difficult... The Controller from EGNX did not accept my route which was actually the route requested by EGKK... So I was wondering which is the proper route from EGNX to EGKK... My route included a DCT KIDLI which also seems not so nice... so if anybody has a better suggestion for a route between EGNX and EGKK please let me know -). THANKS!!
  14. Hi, I flew EGNX to EGKK today. Originally I planned to use the STAR KIDL1G and entered the route DTY UM605FINMA DCT KIDLI. But the Controller in EGNX asked me to take another road first DTY DCT WCO DCT MID then he changed and asked me to take DTY UM6085 WOD UL612 MID. Since MID is the second waypoint of the STAR I selected STAR KIDL1G he asked me to change the STAR and take MID IX. That looked OK but when I got in contact with London Center he told me that my road is not valid and to fly direct to HOLLY after MID and not to follow the STAR MID IX. So was my first route I selected
  15. It should be better now with default EGKK at least... Not yet with addon scenery of "tdg no static" but perhaps they will also correct it...I will refer the issue to them as well...
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