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  1. Things to improve (from what I saw on my flight from KORD-EDDH)

    1. Parking management. The airport never got full, KORD is a huge airport, and as such can hold hundreds of aircraft. I think if you guys added a stand with the slot and the times that you can use that stand (11:30-12:10, etc) it could increase the amount of aircraft that are able to depart. By assigning non-slots stands and runways it could also lead to more takeoffs (especially in KORD since it has more than 2 parallel runways). 

    2. Not much a vatsim issue but pilot related, people were connecting 20 mins prior to their slot time, and since requesting clearance takes a long time during CTP, it would be advisable sending a message saying be connected 40mins prior to departure time. 

    3. in more than 2 occasions I heard the controller saying that their client/ whatever was buggy and unreliable, this lead to further delays. fix the client 

    4.  A person without a slot trying to depart from KORD (time 1130z) was told that his “slot” was at 1400z. Instead of having to do this, if the problem is spacing assign an extra NAT to non-event traffic that might be more further north or south of the event NATs. If the problem is the arrival, by talking to other FIRs that are not taking part in the event and persuading them to stay online could by itself reduce the number of people that want to fly from and to an event airport, to only from an event airport to a non event arrival airport. 

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